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Bangalore Hampi Itinerary for a Good Trip: A Traveler’s Blog

There are many reasons why you should visit this place but we will discuss them in this blog post.



The city of Bangalore is one of the most important cities in India. It has a lot to offer to travelers and visitors, but Hampi is also worth a visit. Although Hampi is not as popular as other tourist destinations in the country, it has been declared as heritage site by UNESCO. There are many reasons why you should visit this place but we will discuss them in this blog post.


Best time to visit Hampi


Best time to visit Hampi: The best time to visit Hampi is between September and March. Avoid visiting during monsoon season, and avoid visiting during summer months. Avoid going in winter months as well, because it is cold there and your body will get tired easily.


Avoid Holi festival: Do not go to Hampi during Holi festival as it would be very crowded with people coming from all over India!


Best way to reach Hampi


The best way to reach Hampi is by air. There are several airlines that fly directly from Bangalore airport to Hampi, including SpiceJet and IndiGo Airlines.


If you fly from another major city in India, it will be cheaper than flying from Bangalore airport due to their lower fares and more direct flights.


You can also take an overnight train trip between Mysore and Hospet; this route takes about six hours on foot (or less if you have a car).


Must visit attractions in Hampi


For a traveler who loves to explore and experience the culture of Hampi, here are some must-visit attractions:


Hampi Bazaar: The best place to buy unique handmade items. The local artisans work in this bazaar are famous for their pottery, textiles and paintings. You can also find books here about history of Hampi.


Vittala Temple Complex: 

It is located on top of a hill with beautiful views over the city below. There are many temples here including Vishnu Temple Complex which has several other structures like Brahmana Mandapa & Nandi Mandapa (the two largest), Garbha Griha (worshipping room), Chalukya period inscription near entrance wall etc., Durga Temple & Lakshmi Narayan Temple with huge statues inside them; all these temples have been built within 100 years by different dynasties throughout history till 16th century A Viscount was given rights over whole area except Krishna Valley which belongs today’s Banasura Prabhu family member.”


Where to stay and eat in Hampi?


If you are looking for good hotels in Hampi, here are some recommendations:


Hotel Khadar – 

This hotel is located just off the main road and is a short walk from Old Town. The rooms are clean and spacious, with air conditioning and cable TV. The owner speaks English fluently so it’s easy to communicate with him if you want any questions answered about your stay or anything else related to Hampi.


Hotel Kalyana Ghosa Resort – 

This hotel has a great location between village centers of Gadag & Badami & close proximity to Hampi monuments such as Virupaksha Temple & Someshwar Temple (Bhimashankar). Rooms are spacious & have all modern amenities such as hot water supply 24 hours a day along with complimentary breakfast included in tariff rate per night booked at least 2 nights duration staying inside one room including taxes on food items purchased during tour package booking process.”


How to tour Hampi?


Hire a car: 

Hampi has its own airport, so you can hire a car to visit this place.


Take a tour: 

If you want an enjoyable and safe trip, then it is better to take tours. There are many companies that offer these kinds of services in Karnataka India. You just need to contact them and book your tickets online or offline as per your convenience.


Travel by bus: 

If you don’t want to go by any mode of transport then taking public transport will also help in saving money on travelling expenses because there are many buses available for travel from one place to another every day during peak hours (between 7pm – 10pm) which makes it convenient for tourists who want early morning or late evening flights back home after completing their vacation plans at Hampi during the weekend season when most people go there on weekends looking at temples and other historical sites nearby like Badami Caves etc.,


The best way to tour Bangalore and Hampi is by private car.


If you are going to visit Bangalore and Hampi in a group, then hiring a private car is the best way to tour the places. A private car will help you enjoy your trip more because it can take care of all the logistics and make sure that everyone has enough time for sightseeing or shopping. You can also enjoy staying in different hotels/resorts which are located near these places so that it becomes easier for you to get back at night or early morning after having dinner with friends or family members etc..


When choosing a driver, make sure that they have at least three years driving experience before taking them on board as their driver. The cost of hiring a driver depends on what kind of vehicle they use but generally speaking it starts from around Rs 4500/- per day (excluding taxes).




We hope that this itinerary guide helps you to plan your next trip to Hampi. We have covered many things in this blog, so it’s up to you to decide which attractions are important for you. 

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