Different types of Marketing Strategies


You want to step into marketing. But do you know what different strategies for marketing are? What are different types of marketing strategies? If you don’t, then don’t go anywhere; this article is for you. So, let’s define marketing strategies first. Marketing strategy is a way companies adapt to collaborate or interact with their consumers.

It is focused on encouraging the consumers to buy the products that a company produces. They can be new, previously tried or experienced strategies. Effective marketing strategies help companies to get ahead in the competition.

Marketing Strategies Are Of Two Types:

  • Business to Business or B2B strategies
  • Business to Consumer or B2C strategies

1.      B2B Marketing

It is a type of marketing in which businesses sell products or services directly to some other business. Or more, specifically, they sell to the decision-makers of any other business (Gotter, 2018).  This can include everything from management software to cash software.

For example, a restaurant needs software for cash purposes. The manager will contact another business that sells this type of software. This is how b2b marketing works.

There Are Several Types Of B2B Marketing Which Are Explained Below;

1.      Social Media Marketing

According to the dissertation writing service firm, social marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies. More than 2.8 billion use social media platforms. So, from this point of view, it is not hard to understand why it is the most effective way of marketing. People spend most of their on social media.

Social media includes people from every group age group. Even children as young as ten years have started using social media platforms.

We often see social media marketing while using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Different companies hire other companies or individuals to advertise their products on social media platforms. There are also social media platforms that are used for professional advertisements, such as LinkedIn. No matter who your target population is, you will be able to reach them with social media.

2.      Content Marketing

Content marketing is different from other marketing strategies. It is also different from the traditional advertisement method and social media posts. Content marketing influences other thoughts without letting them know. But it does need a lot of time and dedication. The individual or company who is doing content marketing should have writing skills.

It is the most important type of marketing, as you can’t exclude content from any marketing strategy. Regardless of what type of marketing strategy you use, content marketing should be part of the process. Quality content should be part of marketing. For example, you are to write a social media post; you also need to write content. The content is everything. Good content helps in engaging the consumers effectively. It increases your customer’s experience, and he will think of buying your products in future too.

3.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing awareness and traffic to a particular website (Woschnick, 2021). They make sure that their website appears among top websites on search engines like Google, Bingo, Opera. SEO automatically increases your audience in a relevant way. It is a long term strategy. Getting on the first page of search engines take time and a lot of patience. It is not a one time plan, but it changes with the market trends.

With SEO, it is not like getting o the top once, but you have to maintain your position on top. This process is competitive as other businesses will also try to copy your strategy. That is why; you should always be aware of SEO updates.

2.      B2C Marketing

In B2C marketing, companies sell their products to customers for their personal use. This can include clothing, toys, and mobile phones. It is not limited to only products, but companies also offer services for their customers. For example, wedding planners offer their services to customers to plan the wedding. They decorate the venue and manage all the things related to the wedding. It also includes interior and exterior designers and landscape service providers.

Different Types Of B2C Marketing Strategies Are As Follow;

1.      Internet Marketing

Internet marketing combines web and emails to advertise. Social media platforms also play an important role in promoting the products of a particular brand. Internet is the main source of promoting things. You might have seen an advertisement of Alibaba running in your social media account. That is the one way of selling things through the internet or social media.

Companies post their products in the form of ads on the internet or social media. This helps them in increasing their customers. While internet marketing’s apparent purpose is to sell goods and services or advertise over the internet, it’s not the only reason a business will do it. But this might not be the primary goal of a company. Companies also use internet marketing to share a message or to conduct research.

2.      Paid Media Advertising

Companies use paid media advertising services to grow traffic on their website. One of the methods is pay per click (PPC) link. Websites make their ads, and they can be seen on social media platforms. Pay per click (PPC) means that the advertiser will be paid for the number of times the link is clicked.

The Paid media advertisements include display ads, shopping ads, social media ads, and more. These ads help companies to get in front of the right people. The use of AI in paid media advertisement has made it a lot easier for businesses. Ad is only shown to the people who search for things related to that product.

3.      Direct Selling

Direct selling is, as the name suggests, marketing and selling things directly to consumers. In this strategy, sale agents come face-to-face with customers and sell products. They demonstrate the characteristics of the products and sell them.

For example, some shampoo selling agents come to your house and ask you to purchase their product. This strategy is quite successful.

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