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Looking for portable oxygen concentrators that can provide oxygen therapy over the long-term?

This article will concentrate on the best portable oxygen concentrators. Find out more about their prices, and where you can buy them.

  1. The Philips Simply Go Mini portable concentrator is our first. This concentrator weighs in at 2.30kg and can deliver oxygen at 5 LPM. It can be set to pulse flow settings 1-5. The additional battery can be charged up to 9 hours and can be transported in an airplane.

 2. Inogen G5 has a reputation for producing premium oxygen concentrators. This is an updated version of the portable oxygen concentrator models. The portable oxygen concentrator weighs in at 2.16 Kg.

3. The most innovative portable oxygen concentrator is the SeQuel Eclipse 5. It can deliver up to 9 LPM of oxygen. It weighs 8.30Kgs. Due to its weight, it is difficult to transport on the road. It’s lighter than most machines but has the highest oxygen output.

4. Philips Simply Go: Very few portable oxygen concentrators can deliver oxygen in continuous flow or pulse modes. Philips Simply Go is one of these companies. It weighs 4.50kgs and can deliver oxygen in pulse mode, 1-6 flow settings, or up to 2 LPM continuous. The external filter must be cleaned frequently. Phipis SimplyGo filters can be installed inside the concentrator. The FAA approved the machine for battery back-up of up to three hours at two pulse settings.

This list highlights the best home oxygen concentrators available on the Indian market. The Oxygen Times comparison tool allows you to compare models and determine which one is best for your needs and budget.

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