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Gmail Tips and Tricks: Things You Need to Know

Summary: In this article we are going to discuss some of the best Gmail tips and tricks that will surely help you to manage your webmail account. Learn the 5 amazing techniques to make your Gmail even more secure. Let’s start now.


An email is essentially a digital message. With over a billion active users, Gmail is a prominent email service provider. The distinction between Email and Gmail is that Email is a technique of sending digital messages via a communication network such as the internet, whereas Gmail is a Google-owned email service provider.

The Internet is a worldwide network of interconnected computer networks that connects electrical devices. One of the benefits of the internet is that it allows users to send and receive messages. Email and Gmail are two concepts that refer to online communication. Email is a type of electronic communication. Text, graphics, photos, and videos can all be included. Gmail, on the other hand, is a provider of email services. It’s a service that allows you to send and receive emails. Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and Webmail are some more email providers.

What is Gmail and how it’s tips and tricks work?

Google’s Gmail is an email service provider. Email cannot be used without the usage of an email service provider such as Gmail. It is a well-known email service provider that allows users to send and receive emails via the internet. POP or IMAP protocols are used by Gmail. These protocols aid in the retrieval of emails from a server.

Gmail’s email is divided into two sections: the header and the content. The receiver’s information and the email’s subject are included in the header section. The body section contains the message. Attach files, insert photos, and insert links are all options available to the user. If a user wishes to share huge files, such as video files, he can do so by uploading them to Google Drive.

Gmail’s Features:

Gmail has a lot of functions.
Gmail has a number of useful features to help you get the most out of your email, including:

Filtering of spam

Junk email is also known as spam. To keep spam out of your inbox, Gmail employs cutting-edge technology. The majority of spam is automatically routed to a separate spam folder and removed after 30 days.

View of a Conversation

When you send emails back and forth with another person (or a group of people), usually about a certain topic or event, you’re having an email conversation. Gmail automatically puts these emails together, making your inbox more organized.

Integrated chat feature

If your computer has a microphone and/or webcam, you can send someone an instant message or utilize the voice and video chat tool instead of sending an email.

1. Use Smart Compose

Gmail’s Smart Compose feature is a convenient Gmail hack that recommends words/phrases to complete your sentences. When you type out a new message in the Compose window, Gmail will try to understand your email message and predict what you want to say. Press the Tab key to accept Gmail’s suggestions, or ignore them and write your own text.

2. Regularly Backup your Gmail Account

Ever sent an email but then realized you made a mistake after you pressed the send button? The Gmail email service can help you when this happens, thanks to the Undo Send feature. Also you can use Gmail backup tool to make your account even more secure to avoid any uncertainties in future. Gmail’s Undo Send feature lets you unsend a sent message within a short cancellation period (a maximum of 30 seconds) after clicking the Send button. this one was also a great Gmail tips and tricks.

3. Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail offers several keyboard shortcuts that make email message management a lot easier on your personal computer. To access the keyboard shortcut list, just press Shift (+)? / on your keyboard. In the popup that appears, you’ll see every keyboard shortcut that’s enabled and every keyboard shortcut that’s turned off.

4. Send Emails from Different Email Addresses

In Gmail, you can set up all your email accounts in one inbox and send emails from different addresses while using the same inbox. But first, you’ll need to add your other mail addresses. To do this, go to Settings > See all settings > Accounts and Import and scroll to Send mail as. Then, click on the link Add another email address.

5. Organize Emails with Gmail Labels & Filters

The Gmail email service lets you organize your Gmail inbox by adding labels to your emails. Labels are similar to tags that you add to emails to categorize them in your mailbox.

6. In Gmail, you can apply multiple labels to an email.

For example, you can add the labels “Sales” and “Closed” to an email. And then, you’ll find that email under both “Sales” and the “Closed” labels. To create a new Gmail label, scroll down the left sidebar and click on Create new label. You can also create a new Gmail label by going to the Labels tab in See all settings.

7. Use Gmail Templates

Want to send the same email to hundreds of recipients? With this Gmail trick, you can! No need to exhaust yourself by creating multiple emails and copy-pasting the same content. With Gmail’s templates (canned responses), you can import email message templates straight into emails without copy-pasting from anywhere else. This Gmail trick will save you valuable time when handling bulk emails.

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