Executive Gifts That Are Perfect for Celebrating Bosses Day

An effective and considerate boss is an invaluable asset to any team or company. Like those reporting to them, members of management and C-suite executives deserve recognition. There’s no better time to honor them than October 16th, Bosses Day. Whether it’s for Bosses Day or for your manager’s performance review, milestones, or just general appreciation, finding the right executive gifts can be the best way to show your appreciation for them. Here are five gift ideas to consider.

Art as Executive Gifts: Glass Awards

Glass awards are elegant and can symbolize your boss’ stellar achievements. The best glass awards are hand-blown and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the achievement and the occasion. For example, a glass award in the shape of a flame makes a dramatic centerpiece to any exec’s office. If you choose one with an optic crystal base, you can have a personalized message, name, or logo engraved. If you want a truly one-of-a-kind gift that your boss will cherish for years to come, a hand-blown glass award is a top choice.

Office Posters as Executive Gifts: Patent Art

Office posters remain an executive gift option that team leaders are bound to appreciate. If you want to give your boss something a little different yet related to their personal interests, patent art is a fantastic option. Patent art is just what it sounds like—the images of common products as if they were submitted for a patent. You can choose patent art of a football helmet, soccer ball, or basketball hoop for the sports fan boss. Or, consider patent art for an electric guitar for the music lover, computer for the techie, and even fanciful patents from sci-fi movie franchises for the movie buff. If your boss is proud of their hobbies or fandom, this is an excellent choice.

Functional Tech as Executive Gifts: Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

What sort of gifts should you seek out for a boss who prefers practical, functional gifts? First, find a source with a wide selection of executive and appreciation gifts. Then look for a classy, retro personalized wooden Bluetooth speaker. This gift comes in handy while your boss is in their office or relaxing at home, and features the classic look of rich wood. Personalize the speaker with a message of appreciation and you have a practical yet thoughtful gift.

Motivational Messages as Executive Gifts: Leadership Book

A boss can always benefit from a little inspiration. Who better to provide that inspiration than the people who shaped our world? Find a corporate gift company offering a copy of Great Quotes From Great Leaders. This inspiring volume includes great quotes from the likes of Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Michelle Obama, and many other influential figures. Whenever they need a little bit of motivation or advice, they can open this book and skim through the pages.

Executive Gifts That Lift the Spirits: Personalized Wine Decanter

For a boss who appreciates both beautiful and practical gifts, consider an elegant personalized wine decanter. These gorgeous lead-free decanters are hand-blown and the perfect size for a 750ml bottle of your boss’ favorite spirits. Add a company logo or a heartfelt message and the personalized craft wine decanter is sure to catch the eye.

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