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How And Why You Should Embed Google Reviews On Your Website

Reviews are an important element of UGC ( User Generated Content). Most of the customers go through the reviews before making a purchase. They play a major part in the decision-making process of the customer. 

Google Reviews are the most reliable source of information as they express the genuine experiences of the customers of a brand or association. They are reliable and trustworthy. 

Since they give an unbiased opinion about the products and services offered by the brand, people don’t mind giving a shot at the brand’s products and services after liking the reviews. 

Since reviews play a major part in the marketing world, embedding the same on your website would work wonders in brand promotion and increasing the reach. 

This blog will give you a piece of complete information on how to embed Google reviews on your website along with its benefits. Keep on reading to know more about it. 

Complete Guide To Embed Google Reviews On Website 

Follow the given steps to embed Google reviews on your website hassle-free. 

  • Create An Account On A Social Media Aggregator 

The first thing to do is to create an account on any social media aggregator that goes along with your website’s needs and requirements. 

If you already have an account then simply log in. 

  • Select The Platform 

Once you have created an account or logged in to the social media aggregator, you will land on the dashboard page. 

Click on add social feeds to get the google reviews widget on the website. After this, a display will show up displaying many platforms to choose from. For eg., Instagram, Facebook, youtube, etc. 

Choose google reviews as the source from the displayed platforms. 

  • Link Your Connection Type 

After successfully selecting the source from the platforms, the next step is to choose the connection type to link the source’s contents. 

A pop-up will appear. Choose my location or enter the location to fetch the Google for your website. 

Once you’re done with this, click on create feed option. The social media aggregator you chose, will then automatically fetch the google reviews into a unified feed. 

  • Glam It Up

One of the biggest merits of using a social media aggregate to embed Google reviews is that they offer a pool of customization and design features. You can design and make the feed as per your wish. 

They offer a variety of features like theme catalogues, custom designs, layouts, fonts, designs, colors, banners, and so much more. They provide a moderation panel and analytics feature too so that you can showcase the supreme quality of content and ensure performance as well. 

  • Choose The Website Building Platform 

After customization and moderation, here is the next step. Click on the publish button on the lower left of the widget editor page. 

A list of many website building platforms will appear like HTML, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Shopify, etc. 

Choose the preferred one. You can even adjust the height and width of the google reviews widget to the section of the webpage you wish to embed. 

  • Copy And Paste 

Last but not the least, copy the generated embed code and paste it at the backend of the website. 

Apple the changes and voila, you’re done. 

So this was the step-by-step process to embed google reviews on your website. Since now you know the process to embed google reviews on your website, let us try to understand why you need to embed it. 

Why Embed Google Reviews On Your Website 

Following is the list of reasons why you should embed google reviews on your website.

  • Increases The Confidence In Your Brand 

When you display google reviews on your website, it shows the transparency you hold in showcasing your process and services to the visitors. 

As mentioned above, reviews are an important element of UGC which shows the true reality of the brand. They are genuine and unbiased. When people see this they find your brand reliable.

 This boosts the visitor’s confidence in your company. By this, you can easily convert your visitors into your potential customers and can set long-term relationships with them. 

  • Enhances The Visual Appearance

A simple website with plain texts does nothing but the ones with amazing visuals do wonder. Embedding google reviews on your website enhances the visual appearance of the website. 

A visually appealing website gets more user attraction. Your visitor would like to explore your website a little more. This will also increase the dwell time and reduce the bounce rate. 

  • Increases Sales And Conversions

As mentioned above, when a visitor will like your website, they will explore it a little more. By reading the reviews, they would find your brand and its products and services authentic.

 They won’t mind giving your brand a shot. If they further like your products, even more, they would help in spreading the word regarding your brand. This has dual benefits. Firstly it will help in increasing brand awareness. Secondly, it will help you as it will lead to word-of-mouth publicity. 

This chain will finally end with an increase in sales and conversions. 

Over To You! 

Now you have reached the end of this blog. This blog covered the entire process to embed google reviews on the website step by step with the reasons why you should embed it. 

Since now you have got the knowledge of why and how to embed google reviews, what are you waiting for. 

Embed it and see the magic it does! 

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