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Dubai is the most well-known city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates recognized for its luxurious lifestyle, hospitality, and industry, especially the 830-meter-high Burj Khalifa. According to both Middle East and European standards, Dubai is exceptionally costly.

Accommodation in Dubai seems to be quite expensive for both categories because high-end hotels are rarely below €120, although mid-range hotels start at €50.

Before travelling to Dubai, you must evaluate all of the important information about the city, such as how far the tourist attractions are from the hotel, how far the restaurant or any other type of food outlet is from the hotel., is there any mode of transportation offered by the hotel administration or any mass transportation near the hotel, and please remember that you don’t have to waste your money on irrelevant items. You must consider all of these aspects while picking a location to stay in Dubai, in addition to saving or eliminating expenses and protecting your wallet from financial troubles.

 These are the essential things to accomplish before visiting Dubai, but once you’ve done so, you’ll just have to choose a hotel that fits your budget. If you’re a budget-conscious visitor, you’ll want to consider all of these aspects to cut costs. Avoid choosing a hotel near the beach since hotels are way more expensive than hotels far away from the beach, and most hotels near the beach are far away from the tourist attractions, requiring you to spend more money on transportation.

Here are some budget-friendly areas to stay in Dubai

This is the list of budget-friendly in Dubai you need to know, before visiting Dubai. 


Bur Dubai is the core of Dubai’s Old City. Including its tiny lanes, historic bazaars, and historic architecture, is the city’s real essence, a place that has already been inhabited for centuries. This is a place to finally experience some real culture, as it is mostly inhabited by Indians (and has been since it was founded).

If budget is a factor in deciding where to stay in Dubai, Bur Dubai is the most affordable option. It also boasts some of the city’s most genuine and reasonably priced Indian restaurants.

Here are some budget-friendly hotels in bur Dubai,

  •  Al Raien Hotel Apartment. The cheapest hotel in Bur Dubai may not have the strongest reviews, but it is still quite decent, and you won’t find much better for the price.
  • The Ambassador Hotel is a nicer (but also more affordable) option. It is slightly more expensive than the previous one, but it is far stronger. Very basic, yet very comfortable. The location is beautiful, and the staff is dedicated to creating your stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai Mid-range (but not inexpensive) – In Bur Dubai, a mid-range option is comparable to a budget option Downtown. The Citymax Hotel is one of the most popular and well-reserved hotels in the neighbourhood. Modern amenities and a high level of comfort.
  •  DEIRA

This is also one of the greatest places to stay in Dubai for those on a budget. Deira is a continuation of Bur Dubai (the Old City), but it is a little more modern. On the one side, it is home to the world’s largest traditional souq, and it is also a business district, and it was the first business district in Dubai. The region does, however, have a soul, in the sense that it contains typical streets with normal stores and walkable areas, and it is mostly populated by Indians, like Bur Dubai. However, Deira is through a modernization process, and the government is constructing some very spectacular infrastructure.

Here are some budget-friendly hotels in Deira,

  • Al Jawhara Metro Hotel In Deira, this is the cheapest (good) option. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it gets the job done.
  • Lavender Hotel Deira is a nicer (but also more affordable) option. If you prefer to stay somewhere a little nicer for a few dollars extra. Lavender is a better value-for-money alternative, with more modern and spacious rooms.
  • Rove City Center This is the same hotel that is suggested in the Downtown area. Rove is a hotel chain with a modern style that offers excellent value for money. The one in Deira is identical to the one in Downtown, except it costs half as much.

The Palm Jumeirah (also known as The Palm) is one of Dubai’s most famous sights. It’s a palm-shaped island connected to the mainland. It’s rather large, stretching several kilometres from the beginning to the island’s edge. It is where you’ll find the Atlantis Hotel, one of the city’s most opulent hotels and a duplicate of the same hotel in The Bahamas.

Al Fahidi – Historical Neighbourhood

This area is one of the most authentic neighbourhoods you can stay in if you’re looking to see some of old Dubai. Representing the mid-nineteenth century, Al Fahidi is a restore heritage area that was once known as the Bastakiya Quarter.

Why Stay In Al Fahidi

You can wander through the narrow alleys of sand-coloured buildings which contain museums, local craft shops, art galleries, and some hotels. There are lovely cafes in the area also. Al Fahidi is a charming place to stay with plenty of photo opportunities. If you don’t want to be in the glitzier parts of the city.

Why Avoid Al Fahidi

While it’s a pleasure to wander around this neighbourhood, once you have there’s not a lot going on. And you will have to travel a fair way to see most of the sights of Dubai.


These are the budget-friendly places to stay in Dubai that won’t burn your purse. You’ll have a nice time in Dubai. And you’ll be able to spend your money on extracurricular activities. Like shopping, visiting tourist attractions, and many other things. For any other hotel facility, you can check  ZāZEN One. It’ll give you all the important information about the hotel, villas, apartment, and many more things.  ZāZEN is a certified and well-known company in the field of real estate.


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