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Secrets in Making a Cosy Bed

Cosy Bed

The quality of your sleep is depends on how comfortable your bed is. Each one of us has their own definition of comfort when it comes to bed and sleeping. Some prefer soft and plush beds while others feel more comfortable with firmer mattresses and pillows. However, you want it, there are some basics when it comes to creating the perfect cosy bed you’d surely love. Read along and learn more about the secrets to a perfectly comfy bed.

Choose the Right Pillows

We all have that favourite pillow that would instantly lull us to sleep no matter what time it is. Whether you’re updating your bed or not, always keep that pillow because it is one thing that adds a comfort factor to your bed. However, try investing on a new set of pillows.

Goose down pillows look the best but you could also opt for other types. New pillows look plump and simply makes your bed extra comfy and inviting. You could stack 2 or 3 pieces on top of one another or slanted in front of each other.

Choose Linen Sheets Instead of Cotton

Although some people use cotton because it is said to be comfortable and cool to touch, linen linens are actually the perfect match for your bed. Bed linens look naturally beautiful even when it is not perfectly smooth on your bed.

To create a perfectly comfy bed, be sure to use a complete set of bed linens when making it. From the fitted sheet, top sheet, blanket, and a quilted bedspread. You could choose from a variety of sizes when buying bed linens, even quilts super king, king, queen, double, and single.



quilts super king
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Look for a Bigger Comforter

For colder months, adding a comforter to your bed makes your sleep warmer and more comfortable. However, since there is no standard size for infill, you can’t just look for one that says double, single, or same size with your bed. You need to measure the duvet cover and go for an infill that is a few inches bigger than the cover. That way, the infill would look perfectly mushed inside the cover, adding an extra soft feel to your bed.

Add a Bolster

Some people ditch the bolster pillow altogether thinking that they don’t need or use it anyway. However, a bolster pillow’s main function isn’t really to be slept on. Bolster pillows are perfect to be placed on that awkward corner where the mattress meets the headboard.

If you love reading in bed or simply sitting on slanted pillows, you can tell how much it adds to the comfort of your bed compared when there was no bolster yet. Plus, you don’t need to move or arrange it every day since the bolster is supposed to stay in place on that corner.

If you want to upgrade your bed and make it comfier, try out these easy tips and see how it transforms your bed perfectly.

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