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How to Convert MBOX to PST Format?

“In this article, we will explore the appropriate techniques for exporting MBOX to PST file format. If you are also looking for a secure way to convert MBOX to for Windows, then this article is for you.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email applications, with a growing number of users all over the world. Its appeal stems mostly from its superior services and features. When compared to other email applications, Outlook has a lot of functions. Because of the following possibilities, email users have decided to export their data to Outlook PST.

Apple Mail, Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, and other email clients use MBOX to store email messages. However, for a variety of reasons, users must convert MBOX to PST format. This article includes step-by-step directions on how to convert MBOX files to PST files using appropriate methods.

Reasons for MBOX to PST Conversion

Each user may have their own reasons for converting MBOX to PST, however, there are a few frequent ones. Users are converting file formats because of the disadvantages of MBOX and the benefits of Outlook PST. The following are a few possible explanations:

1. MS Outlook offers more functionality and is less expensive than email applications that can open MBOX files.
2. Tasks with MBOX files require an internet connection, but not with Outlook PST files.
3. Organizations do not favour email applications that employ the MBOX file format since they are outdated.
4. Users regularly face issues such as file locking in MBOX, which prevents them from opening files.
5. Outlook provides superior security measures than any other Microsoft programme.

Methods to Convert MBOX to PST

Proposed methods for converting MBOX to PST
Exporting a mailbox from one email client to another, such as MBOX to PST conversion, has become commonplace.

Converting MBOX files to PST may be done in two ways:

1. The manual method of converting MBOX to PST is a more advanced alternative for quickly exporting MBOX files to the PST file format.

2. Automatically Convert MBOX files

Let’s discuss these solutions in detail. So without any further delay, let’s dive in.

Solution 1: Convert MBOX File to PST Manually

You can perform this conversion process using an email client. Let’s see how it will work.

Step 1: Open Apple Mail and import your mailbox info.

1. Start Apple Mail on your computer.
2. Select File >> Import mailbox from the File menu.
3. Select the MBOX file’s source and click Continue.
4. Select MBOX file from Browse Location, then click Continue.
5. When the import procedure is finished, click Finish.

Step 2: Use Eudora to create a mailbox.

1. Make sure the imported file has the MBOX extension.
2. ABCMBOX, for example, should be converted to abcMBOX.mbx.
3. Put this in the Eudora folder. “C: 4. Documents and Settings user >> Application DataQualcommEudora” is the default location for the file.
4. Finally, open Eudora and double-click on ABCMBOX.mbx before closing the programme.

Step 3: Using Outlook Express, import your mailbox:

1. Activate Outlook Express.
2. Now select File >>Import >>Messages from the File menu.
3. Choose Next after selecting Eudora from the list of email clients.
4. Select the ‘.mbox’ file from the location list and click OK. Finally, press the Next>>Next >> button. Finish
5. The imported data in Outlook Express can be utilised in the Local Folders.

Step 4: Import your Outlook express mailbox into MS Outlook.

Please check that MS Outlook is correctly installed before running into PST file format.

1. To export files, open MS Outlook.
2. Select File>>Import and Export from the File menu.
3. Choose “Import from another file and folder” and then “Next.”
4. Click Next after selecting Import Internet Mail and Addresses.
5. Choose “Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or window mail” from the drop-down menu. Next, click
6. Click next after selecting the file to import and export from the browser option.
7. When the procedure is finished, select Finish.
8. In your Outlook client, the user may discover the imported mailbox.

In your Outlook client, the user may discover the imported mailbox.

Though customers may choose between manual and automatic techniques to convert MBOX to PST, let’s look at the disadvantages of manual approaches.

Drawbacks With Manual Approaches

The following are some of the disadvantages of using manual techniques to convert MBOX to PST:-

1. Manual procedures take a long time.
2. While executing this action, data may be altered.
3. Technical competence and granular knowledge are required.
4. The MBOX file cannot be converted to PST several times.

To prevent such scenarios, one may utilise a third-party solution SysConverter for MBOX to convert MBOX files to PST that is user-friendly, efficient, and takes little time.

Solution 2: Swiftly Convert MBOX to PST with Automated Approach

To avoid such restrictions we suggest you to opt for a Third Party MBOX Converter tool. This utility swiftly export emails from MBOX file into Outlook data file (.pst). Along with that, you can also transfer multiple PST files into Outlook without any trouble.

Steps to Convert MBOX Emails to PST

1. Install and Run this software on your system.

2. Select Open >> Email Data File >> MBOX File >> Select File or Folders. 

3. Click on Export and select PST as the saving option.

4. At last, choose the saving location and hit on the Save button.

Here Completes the MBOX to PST Conversion. Now you can upload PST file into Outlook email client.

What are the characteristics of MBOX Converter?

Because of the disadvantages of the manual technique, people prefer to utilise professional software rather than the manual method. This tool provides various user-friendly features to ensure that the operation is completed flawlessly. The following are some of the highlights:

1. The Converter can convert MBOX files to PST, EML, and MSG formats.
2. It supports 20 email applications that produce MBOX files, including Thunderbird, Entourage, SeaMonkey, and Mulberry.
3. Shoviv MBOX Converter can also export MBOX files to Office 365 and Live Exchange Server.
4. There are no restrictions on uploading multiple MBOX files; users can add multiple files of any size in one go.
5. It gives choices for password setup, PST file type (Unicode and ANSI), and PST file size (to divide PST files and get rid of huge PST files) for the resulting PST files.
6. Shoviv MBOX Converter works with all Windows operating systems.

The Final Word

Choosing the best way to convert MBOX to PST is critical; else, erroneous migration and data change will occur. As a result, if customers are seeking a reliable solution to convert MBOX to PST, we recommend Shoviv MBOX to PST converter.

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