Where You Can File Your Tax Return and Find Out When You’ll Get Your Refund

Want to get better service than usual at the airport or customs? Want to buy a new car at a lower price? Or even a better quality item at a lower price? Want to ensure that the minimum hold is applied to all bank transactions? Have you recently suffered a loss in your business and need a tax deduction? 

The IRS is usually very busy in the spring, but it’s even more active this year than usual to keep up with the increased workload, headcount, and the number of tax returns.

If you’re still waiting to file your tax return via bank transfer or paper check, don’t file a second return or call the IRS (as noted on the agency’s website). You can check the status of your refund using one of two tools available on the IRS website or mobile app.

How is the income tax calculated?

For those who meet this requirement, in simple terms, income tax is calculated as follows

  • The amount of salary and other income.
  • Rate based on income.
  • The number of expenses deducted.
  • The amount of tax withheld at source.

Income includes wages and salaries, pensions, retirement benefits, education, and research expenses, investments, and rental income. 

The tax rate is the percentage applied to the amount of annual income, which determines the amount payable. Previously, however, deductible expenses such as medical and educational expenses are deducted from income. Another deduction is what is known as withholding tax, which is usually collected monthly when your salary is paid.

How do I file my tax return?

Electronic filing is available. You will generally receive your refund within three weeks of receiving your tax return from the IRS, or sooner if the refund is paid directly into your checking or savings account. Most professional tax preparers offer e-filing services in addition to tax preparation and may charge an additional fee for e-filing. If you prepare your own tax return using tax preparation software, you may have to pay an e-filing fee.

Once you understand how income taxes work, you should download the Federal Tax Agency’s income tax filing software, install it on your computer or cell phone, and meet the government’s deadlines.

However, the IRS software is far from intuitive, and it is not possible to follow the instructions and complete the tax return correctly. This is why many people use the services of accountants or accounting firms instead of filing their own tax returns.

How long does it take the IRS to send me my tax return?

The IRS generally issues tax refunds within three weeks, but some taxpayers may have to wait longer. If the tax return has errors, the wait time may be longer.

The IRS website says the solution depends on how quickly and accurately the IRS responds to problems that delay refunds, as well as the training and disengagement of its employees.

The date you receive your tax refund also depends on how you filed your tax return.

If your tax refund is deposited by direct deposit, it may take an additional five days for the bank to deposit the money into your account. So if it takes 21 days for the IRS to issue a check and five days for the bank to cash the check, you can expect a total of 26 days to receive your tax refund.

If you mail your tax return, the IRS says it can take six to eight weeks to process your refund.

How do I use the “Where’s my tax refund” tool on the IRS website?

To check the status of your 2022 income tax refund using the IRS tracking tool, you must provide certain personal information. Social Security number or individual taxpayer number, refund status (single, married, head of household), and the total refund amount listed on your tax return. Make sure at least 24 hours (up to four weeks if mailed) have passed before you begin tracking your refund amount.

Use the IRS “Where’s My Refund” tool to access the “Get Refund Status” page, enter your personal information, and click “Submit”. If the data entered is correct, you will be taken to a page showing the status of your refund. If not, you will be prompted to verify your personal tax information and try again. And if all information is correct, you will be asked to indicate the date you filed your tax return and whether you filed electronically or on paper.

Where is my tax refund?” The “Where’s My Tax Refund” section contains information about the last tax refund recorded by the IRS within the previous two years. Therefore, if you are looking for information about tax refunds from previous years, you can find more information in your IRS online account. In your personal account, you can view the total amount of your debt, your payment history, basic information about your last tax refund, notices received from the IRS, your address, etc.

How to track your tax refund with IRS2Go?

The IRS also offers the IRS2Go mobile app, available for iOS and Android, to check the status of your tax refund. You can check to see if your refund has been received, authorized, and mailed.

To log in, you’ll need your National Insurance Number, and the status of your tax return. And the amount of your expected refund. The IRS updates the data in this tool within 24 hours. Therefore, if you do not see a change in your status, please recheck the next day. Once your return and refund amount have been approved. You will be notified individually when you are expected to receive your refund. 

Things to consider when receiving a refund

According to the IRS, the IRS refund is the most extensive check they receive in a year for many people. In anticipation of your refund, it’s wise to plan how you will spend it. Deciding in advance how you will pay, save and invest your money will help you avoid the urge to buy.

As you wish, the money you receive can be used for day-to-day expenses or invested for long-term financial security.

If you expect a return, you should spend it wisely. Are you looking for inspiration?

Why did Inland Revenue mail my tax refund and not transfer it to my bank account?

There are several reasons why your refund must be sent by mail. You can only pay electronically into a bank account in your name, your spouse’s name, or a joint bank account. In this case, you may receive more than one check for your refund. And the IRS may directly credit a maximum of three refunds to a single account. Any additional refunds must be made by mail. However, the bank may refuse to pay the money. This is only of secondary importance for the IRS because it allows for a faster tax refund.

It is also essential to know that the refund transfer to your account is not always automatic. To be sure, log into your IRS account and verify that the service has your correct bank information. If you receive a tax refund check in the mail, find out how to track it from the IRS to your PO Box. 

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Villie Walters Ramirez is a 32-year-old sales assistant at a tax king who enjoys accounting, tax preparation services, and bookkeeping. She has a post-graduate degree in accounting, and she has a severe phobia of cats. She enjoys traveling A lot.


Villie Walters Ramirez is a 32-year-old sales assistant at a tax king who enjoys accounting and bookkeeping. She has a post-graduate degree in accounting, and she has a severe phobia of cats. She enjoys travelling A lot.

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