Amazon SEO Strategy : How to Create a Lightning Deal That Increases Overall Search Ranking

Lightning deals are just one of the many strategies that sellers can utilize to be successful on the Amazon market. 

While this could require an investment in terms of the initial cost and the reduction in price and sales, lightning deals could bring the potential for a greater long-term investment ROI if used properly. 

Why Do Lightning Deals

Like we said that lightning deals are discounts on products that are available for sale in a small quantity of inventory and for only for a short period of time.

Lightning deals boost sales, visibility and traffic. Three things that sellers require if they are looking to boost your rank and stand a better chance of being in the purchase box.

Increase in Sales

Even though lightning deals have an extremely low margin of profit however, a significant increase in order quantity can help make more than. 

Because of the limited time customers are more likely to buy the item in a hurry and at a cheaper price. This can assist sellers to quickly get rid of their old stock in order to create space for new items.

Increase visibility

The next most crucial aspect after sales is the brand’s recognition. Being able to place your product appearing on every page of the Amazon website will boost the brand’s visibility.

Retention or brand awareness is a key factor in buyers’ buying decisions and makes your brand make a mark against competitors.

Making sure you have at least one product displayed at the top of the page for lightning deals can help to highlight the other of your merchandise.

Increase Traffic

Deals are an excellent incentive for customers. Actually, the majority of customers will browse the deals page prior to even getting to your main site. 

The reduced cost makes the page attractive as well as more likely to get clicked by customers, thus increasing clicks and traffic towards your business.

When you combine it with Amazon listing optimization and appealing images The number of product clicks is boundless.

Things to Watch Out For

Although lightning deals can benefit sellers in many ways however, there always are two sides to the coin. 

Unpredictable Time and Date

In addition, sellers are unable to decide on the exact timing and date for the lightning sale.

Since lightning deals are only valid for a period of four to six hours, it’s essential that these deals be operational while buyers are online and performing their shopping. 

Fashion magazine WWD has reported the shift in peak online time for shopping.

Requires Substantial Inventory

Amazon reserves the right to end the lightning deal if the product does not meet the requirements. 

To comply with this policy sellers are able to order additional products to replenish their inventory.

This may be detrimental to buyers who signed the lightning deal in order to clean up their storage spaces. 

Lightning Deals as an SEO Strategy

The idea of offering lightning deals is taking three birds with one stone. It will allow you to earn decent profits while promoting your brand and gaining a higher rank in results of searches. 

This is the reason why lightning deals were created to enhance Amazon’s algorithm A9. If they are done correctly, lighting deals can be a foolproof SEO strategy.

To get the most value of your lightning deal ensure you optimize your product listing starting with.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization is crucial to the durability of the outcomes from your deals. 

With an array of tempting offers, your listings could affect the performance of certain keywords, thus bringing your ASINs into results of the search engine along with it.

However, this only be effective if you make use of relevant keywords.

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To maximize your listing Consider using the following:

  1. Descriptive titles that do not extend beyond 200 characters in length , and include important keywords.
  2. Images that are high-quality and show the best features of the product size, application, and features are crucial.
  3. Descriptions and bullets that explain the advantages of the product, and what customers will be missing out on when they decide not to purchase your product.
  4. A well-maintained seller account as well as an excellent rating and feedback

You may opt to complete all these tasks and manage your seller account on your own or go the simple route and hire external help from a service company to handle the Amazon optimization of your product listings for you. 

Whatever you choose, you’ll need to make a commitment to be ranked and generate profitable sales on the marketplace for e-commerce.


Amazon’s marketplace is a mess. Amazon marketplace is as its name suggests and its size could quickly leave your items and you lost amid the chaos. However, there are plenty of methods and tools available for sellers to help navigate them through online chaos. 

With the abundance of tools that are available, you can be assured that you are able to choose to streamline the process and let experts from the industry guide you to success.

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