Best third party app stores you must check it out

Let’s face the facts. Tasks we live under the safe and warm umbrella of the Play Store. Feed a good reason for that. It has the most apps, extremely good security (in comparative terms), comes pre-installed on most Android devices, and generally works well. Most people know about other options, but don’t know much about other app stores. This is something we can help with. We have listed the best third-party app stores below. You can follow these instructions to install third-party apps on your device. We are not responsible if something deal wrong when using one of these.

We also look forward to trying it out when the Epic Games Store finally launches. You can scoff more about it here. Huawei is also building a third-party app store called App Gallery because of the US-China trade war. It may even compete with Google Play one day.

Best third party app stores are:

APKPure – Free App store


APKPure is a multi-purpose third-party application store. It has popular apps like Tiktok, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, UC Browser, PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars and many more. The App Store has a clean and consistent user interface with good search and good overall selection. Although some categories have a bit of light on good apps to download, it has more categories than Google Play Store. You can easily find the basics here, including some Google apps like Gmail.

APKMirror – Free App store


OK, so APKMirror is not a technical app store, but it is an app repository. You can find everything here, including some beta apps that are not available in the Play Store. But if a new version is released, you can still get updates from the Play Store so it is a great secondary source of apps and some games. This is definitely not a full-fledged store experience and we recommend it only if you want to try something out or get an old app back to the previous version due to bugs or preferences. The source we often link to in our other publications is surprisingly safe to use.

Amazon Appstore – Free/Paid Both

amazon appstore

Amazon Appstore is probably a competent app store in addition to the Play Store. It is the standard app store on all Amazon Fire Devices. The store has a variety of apps, including some of the popular names like Roblox, COC, Candy Crush and shows on. It also has a variety of Amazon applications and was the only home for Amazon Prime Video. This is a real application that you can install on any Android device without much hassle. It also works simultaneously with other app stores if you want to use more than one. It can certainly use some improvements, but if not, it is more positive than negative. However, we wish him a better choice.

APKUpdater – Free App store


APKUpdater is not really an app store, but it does have a clean function. You can update your existing apps by using APKUpdater without using another app store. Creates downloads from multiple sources to get the latest updates as quickly as possible. The UI of APKUpdater is a simple and user-friendly material design without any problems. Having a full-blown App Store on your phone is a great way to update your device without any hassle. There is a search for other apps, but not as good as an independent app store.

Aptoide – Free/Paid Both


One of the oldest third-party app stores is Aptoide. It has a lot of modern and old apps like Facebook, ES file explorer, True caller, Messenger, Whatsapp, and many recent games or apps. Without the ban, Aptoide’s attractive head child it’s more flexible regulations for content. You can find an adult (NSFW) apps and games here, as well as questionable apps like ShowBox. Of course, this gives the app store a wasteland feel, so be sure to pack an antivirus app if you use this one. Aptoide suffered a data breach in 2020. No ban, since you can use the service without creating an account, its security issues didn’t really affect many people.

F-Droid – Free App store


F-Droid is one of the most trusted app stores on the list. The store experience is mostly about productivity and energy consumption. We are talking about apps like Arc Linux package browser type. There are some basic apps out there with a small selection of games like a simple gallery or a simple calendar. However, in general, this is an store for people who want a little extra without the Play Store. F-Droid is an open source app store and every app on this platform is open source. You can even find options on F-Droid.

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QooApp – Free

QooApp is a unique app store. Agreeable for lovers of Asian games from Asian developers. Although some English translations (or any other non-Asian language translations) can be found here. This is especially useful for finding Japanese variations of international games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. TapTap is basically another app store with the same origin.

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