What Are The Cost To Develop Airbnb Clone App

It is a digital site that serves as a marketplace and social environment for ‘strangers,’ people who benefit from renting their facilities to ‘visitors’ who aim to enrich their global experience by maintaining cheap hosting.

A place to live and gain the ability to interact with local people. The platform operates globally in over 190 international locations.  Want to know more about the Airbnb clone app

The cost of the development of an Airbnb clone app depends upon various factors like what features you want to add to your app. Top features that you want to add to your mobile app are mentioned below:

Features of Airbnb App

Some of the prime features that Airbnb includes are:


Now, with the wisdom of the profile, although all three versions will have it, the Host and Guest versions will be the ones with the widest profiles. In the profile creation section, you will need to download responses related to username, email id, birth date, phone number, payment mode, etc. then connect it to your solid back structure so that all information is secure.

Filter Option

One of the best features of the Airbnb app is its filter area. The app offers users a very wide range of filtering options ranging from layout type and cost range to current and location accuracy. They even allow users to put in their specific interests and then conclude based on that. 

Room Details

There is a basic number that users decide on a room. They may view uploaded photos, visual views in the room, reviews and ratings, room descriptions, rental room location, TnCs, etc. And they usually decide based on host reviews, as well as a few.

other factors such as duration of stay, the type of services provided, and the service that will be paid locally. Therefore, you must have a good connection to the right room details.

Map and Location

Another factor that you should not ignore when calculating the cost of upgrading an application like Airbnb Maps. The facility is your only way of allowing users to choose the exact location where they wish to spend their vacation.

Live Chat

Sending and receiving messages is a very important feature of applications such as Airbnb. In addition to giving guests and visitors the option to stay connected via messages, you will also need to provide an app notification function to update strangers and visitors/guests in response to their messages. Something that can improve your app conversion and storage level.


With the help of google translator, users are given the option to translate all the descriptions in the list of properties in their native language. With this efficient use of local content, your Airbnb as an app can not only reach more local language users but also increase engagement levels over and over again.

The Cost of App Development like Airbnb

If you go with the shared features that you have developed using a detailed technical stack and calculate hourly service charges, the cost of designing an application like Airbnb will reach somewhere in the range of $30,000- $60,000 or above. 

When it comes to developing the Airbnb Clone app, a variety of technical challenges are involved that can make a big difference in the conclusion. Therefore, it is advisable to find a reliable software development company to create such an application rather than build it yourself. 

Costs will vary depending on the platform in which you choose to upgrade your app. It is important to remember that the development of the Android app costs more than the development of iOs. The first one will take 1500 hours and the last one will take 1200 hours.

The final cost of developing an app like Airbnb depends on several variables and will vary according to the needs of your business. To find the best app development company click here.

Other Factors That Defines the Cost of Development

You need to hire a management team with whom you will be developing your clone app. Some other factors that will affect your cost of development are:

  • UI/UX Design
  • The Platform you are choosing (Android, IOS, or Both)
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Time Taken for the Development


The travel and tourism industry continues to grow with significant growth rates in the future. As more and more visitors seek to select service providers with a focus on customer experience and security, building an Airbnb-like app is certainly a lucrative career and something you should spend your time and resources on.


Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He loves to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development, and Game Development.

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