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Gift ideas for kids from Firstcry UAE – summer edition

Christmas comes solely as soon as a year, and we all seem ahead to it, mainly children. Are you aware of why? No, it’s no longer due to the fact they get to devour Christmas cookies or beautify the Christmas tree – it is because they get Christmas presents from Santa (or from you!). Every toddler deserves a Christmas present, so whether or not or no longer your toddler has been precise during the year, you want to give something unique on Christmas. But we understand getting presents for youngsters can be difficult, in particular when they demand something new every time. To ease it for you, we have a suggestion to try out FirstCry coupon code on your kid’s choices that keeps on changing every different day. So, we notion of assisting you out!

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Colouring Books

Let your toddler enter the world of creativity with the aid of gifting him a coloring book. Get a kids’ colouring ebook for your child; it will keep them busy and blissful for hours. Colouring books can be given to children according to their age groups. Pick your child’s age and get your child’s favoured colourings to entire bundle

Magnetic Drawing Boards

Friendly and ultra-portable, magnetic drawing boards will stir up younger imaginations and are appropriate for fun-filled periods of tic-tac-toe with friends as well! Electronic magnetic drawing boards function as a pressure-sensitive stylus that offers pleasant manipulation, making this perfect for younger artists and doodlers. It would make the best present for school-going children. But it can also be loved by different age groups. Make your infant sit in his favourite chair with the doodle board – he will have hours of fun.

Stick Puppets and Diaper

Go old-school and come to cool dad or mum with the aid of pleasing your youngsters with these traditional gem diapers – puppets on sticks! Stick puppets are generally outsized and come in units of two or three. Let your fingers cross and the puppets do the speak me for the final old-school entertainment! Pick ones that are handy to easy and can be used as characters from your child’s preferred stories which can also be in your planned budget with Firstcry coupon.

A Play Gym

A play fitness center is a small play vicinity and is a haven for youngsters in the course of the bloodless months of winter. Play areas come in unique sizes, and some of them even function as musical elements. Play gyms additionally come with attachable tender toys, rattles, teethers, and more. These toys assist a child in flexing his muscle tissues and even assist in constructing his hand-eye coordination in the process.


Plushies are lovable little toys that provide your munchkins with their own bundle of joy. Plushies are soft, comfortable, and ideal for hugging buddies. Whether your baby loves toys or sleeps with plushies clutched tight, we’re sure this gift will make their world blissful.

Doctor Sets

One of the great Christmas gifts for children is the most popular doctor sets that kids love to play with. These sets can also be found at a discount with Firstcry 50% off coupon code. They are ideal for siblings who prefer to play together. Even you can be part of the enjoyable play doctor-doctor with your infant and get a few imaginary illnesses treated.

Gardening Sets

Install the love for nature in your baby from a younger age with the aid of getting him a gardening set. These units come with shovels and buckets. By participating in the play of a gardening set, your child’s hand-eye coordination will enhance and you by no means comprehend he may improve an inexperienced thumb. These units are even appropriate for enjoying on the beach. So get one for your child!


If your toddler loves sightseeing and exploring the herbal wonders of the world, gifting him a binocular will open the doorways to his imagination. These are made from plastic and are compact and durable. Your toddler will love the feeling of gazing at matters that they peek via these Binoculars.

A Playhouse

Playhouses let your children experience the nuances of dwelling in mini-homes. Through distinct shapes, elements, and playful pictures, mini-houses or playhouses stimulate innovative play and enable children to discover each and every corner.

Remote Control Cars

As a child, you should have owned and run one or two vehicles around the house. So let your infant play with them too. Nowadays, we additionally get faraway manage motors that function great. These vehicles come with exclusive tiers of complexity, so you may also pick out one that your infant will find effortless to use.

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