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Best Places to Visit In Bali

Everyone has fantasized about visiting Bali once. Some people intend to travel here with their significant other, while others arrange for solitary travels or family vacations. The name “Land of the Gods” refers to Bali. This place is sacred since there are so many unfinished temples there. This island’s attractiveness is supported by its expansive beaches, numerous hiking paths, and beautiful waterfalls. Bali has enormous resorts with breathtaking vistas and spa services unmatched anywhere else in the world if you’re searching for a peaceful vacation. Some of Bali’s top tourist destinations are listed here for your convenience. Check out the Best Places to Visit In Bali in the sections below.

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List of the best places to visit in Bali

Mount Batur

Trek up to Mount Batur’s 1,700-meter summit if you want to see the best dawn in Bali. As the sun sets, more than a hundred hikers set out on their journey and experience one of the happiest mornings of their life. Your eyes will be wide open as you gaze upon the sky-touching mountains, Lake Batur, and the captivating surroundings from the summit of this active volcano. You can go on this two-hour hike by yourself or join a guided hiking group that offers picnics along the way.

Tanah Lot Temple

Bali is the land of the gods, as we already stated. One of Bali’s most famous and often visited temples is Tanah Lot. The temple could appear to be in the middle of the water when you visit. The priest Nirartha is credited with inspiring the temple. Although outsiders don’t have permission to get inside the temple, you may still wander by and take some beautiful shots.

Uluwatu Temple

The most well-known temple in Bali is Uluwatu Temple, which is perched on a clifftop with a stunning outlook. The temple’s name actually derives from its surroundings. Water, which means rock in Balinese, and Ulu, which means Land’s End in that language, together provide the ideal name for the temple. The villagers have strong beliefs that the temple guards them against sea devils and that the monkeys that hang out by the temples are in charge of it. Only Hindu worshipers have permission to visit the temple, though. The view from the cliff is something that everyone must see.

Pura Besakih

Pura Besakih, one of the nine directional temples constructed to guard the island from evil, is regarded as the most significant of the “kayangan Jagat,” the nine directional temples which are on the slopes of Gunung Agung, Bali’s highest mountain.

The dragon god, who followers claim resides in the mountain’s depths, inspired the temple’s name. The temple complex consists of about 28 buildings spread across seven terraces that climb. The best way to see the location is by taking a scheduled tour because the self-designated tour guides there can be aggressively demanding.

Kuta Beach

When the surfers first came upon Kuta Beach, it was a small fishing community. This beach quickly became Bali’s busiest coastline due to the increasing number of visitors who kept coming. You can bring your family, sign up for surfing lessons, or just come here to relax on the beach and take in the serene waves while soaking up the sun. The nightlife along the beach is quite awesome as well. Partygoers who want to have a good time and dance all night long on Kuta Beach are constantly congregating on the southern section of the beach.

Ubud Monkey Forest

One of the top things to do in Ubud, Bali, is the Monkey Forest, also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. This forest is located in the southern part of Ubud. It is ideal for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. You may see real monkeys swinging and munching on bananas around the forest. There are also numerous macaques that have been built out of rocks. Three temples are dispersed around the sanctuary’s various regions, and the woodland also boasts a variety of preserve flora and other small animals. Additionally, scientists conduct tests in this forest and track how the animals behave around people.

Bali Museum

Every location has a rich history, and Bali is no exception. You must go to the Bali Museum if you have some core interest in learning what Bali is really like beneath all the glitz and glamour. To preserve Bali’s culture and history, Ditch residents of Bali founded the museum in 1910. The location is home to numerous works of art by well-known artists, as well as 18th-century jewelry, swords, and statues. Visitors can also visit a temple inside the museum.


The little hamlet of Seminyak, which is found on Bali’s southwest coast, has been engulf by Kuta’s rapid expansion. Seminyak is one of the more upscale resort areas on the island while being close to Kuta. The city draws well-heeled tourists from all over the world with its upscale shops, five-star restaurants, and luxury hotels and spas. Seminyak Beach provides visitors sweeping views of the Indian Ocean and of the professional surfers who come here to ride the enormous waves even though the surf is too dangerous for most swimmers to swim in.

Ubud Art Market

The Ubud Art Market, located in the center of Ubud, is the place to go if you’re a shopaholic and want to bring home something that will remind you of the best vacation of your life. The market is teeming with small businesses owned by neighborhood merchants selling a wide range of handcrafted items like hats and purses, faux accessories, apparel, and lovely baskets. Additionally, the market became a part of the Hollywood film Eat, Love, Pray.

Bali has long been a popular destination for honeymooners and families looking to escape their hectic lives. Due to the stunning locations the island has, it has grown in fame.


The primary and largest resort region in Bali is Lovina. The black volcanic sand lines the whole coast represents this great destination. This location is ideal for anyone who enjoys swimming in freshwater or scuba diving. For your ideal stay in Bali, Lovina offers a wide variety of Seaview accommodations. You and your family can have a fantastic holiday in this area of Bali. 

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan, a tiny island off the southeast coast of Bali’s main island, is a part of Bali Province. Nusa Lembongan is a well-liked day-trip location since it is so small that visitors may explore the entire island on foot in three or four hours. The majority of tourists visit the island’s beaches. Mushroom Beach, which is close to the settlement of Jungutbatu, is name after the offshore coral formation that resembles a mushroom. With an abundance of marine life and healthy coral, there are many locations in Nusa Lembongan that are excellent for diving and snorkeling. Although there are fantastic waves, surfing can get a little crowded.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the most famous Hindu temples in Bali and is perch on a sizable rock. It has long been a staple of Balinese folklore. The temple is one of a chain of seven sea temples that line Bali’s southwestern coast, all of which are visible from the next one.

 Tanah in Bali is a place where you can find most travelers and the area may get full of visitors, especially in the late afternoons and just before sunset. Between the parking and the beach next to the temple, there are gift stores offering just about every type of Balinese memento imaginable.


The seas in this area of southwest-facing Bali are among the islands showcasing the most beautiful colors. You’ll see that, in contrast to places like the Philippines, the Gili Islands, and other parts of Indonesia, Bali doesn’t really have “attractive” beaches or oceans. However, Balangan beach is lovely and has excellent surf. Some of the main activities to do in this location include surfing and viewing the sunset. Also, you can enjoy eating jaffles at this spot.

So, these are the places that you need to know about when you are planning to visit Bali. and if you wish to know more, you can stay in touch with us. Also, if you are still thinking about flight bookings, you can simply visit the official site of Southwest airlines to book the tickets. Southwest changed flight procedure is also super easy in case you fall into any situation where you need to change your travel plans. 


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