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Arranging And Decorating A House Extension

To compensate for a lack of space, a house extension is an excellent idea. This development allows you to create additional m² to install a new office, another bedroom, a veranda or additional living rooms. So you don’t have to move when the family gets bigger or gets a little tight or crowded. However, you must know the town planning rules to carry out this type of work. You also have to find the right style to make the most of this new living space. Here are the essentials to remember about the layout and design of a home extension. You can get the services of Best House Extension Builder in Leicester

Certainly, the extension of house makes it possible to enlarge the house and to gain space. It brings added value to the house. But do not ignore the regulations that may differ from one locality to another. In PLU (local town planning) zones, many restrictions must be observed, including the rules of distance and right of way. These restrictions are not exactly the same depending on the zoning. In addition, the thermal regulations (RT) on the extensions must also be respected. In all cases, an administrative authorization is necessary to ensure the conformity of the project with the town planning rules of your region.

Nevertheless, it is always advisable to use the expertise of this specialist who can take care of the study of a house extension , the administrative procedures and the entire site.


There are several types of extensions.


It is an extension of the house, it is installed on a surface directly adjacent to its structure. This can be a veranda, a master bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, a garage, a glass roof, a bedroom or a terrace on stilts


The vertical extension is ideal when you lack floor space. The idea is to arrange an elevation or floors to make additional rooms. This type of extension includes the elevation of the roof, the installation of mezzanines, glass roofs in height… If the rules of town planning prohibit you from carrying out real extensions, you can just fit out or renovate the attic.


This means that the extension will be built on the land of the property, but it will not be attached to the house. It can be an outbuilding, a studio or a garden studio or others. It can be used as an office, workshop according to your needs. In this case, the rules relating to the land use plan (POS) must be respected.


Here, we are talking about basement development to transform them into a space in their own right. It involves digging the foundations of the house and therefore, studying the structure well. It is necessary to solve the problems related to humidity, luminosity, insulation, etc.

Afterwards, you can opt for a hard extension, in wood, in concrete block, in glass, in a kit depending on the style you are looking for. Other constraints also come into play when choosing the material. For example, the available footprint, the nature of the land, the orientation, the type of structure of the existing house, etc.


If you want the new room in the house to benefit from natural light, especially in winter, a full-south orientation is preferable. This brings a beautiful light. On the other hand, it is necessary to provide a sunscreen or other solutions to protect yourself from the sun in summer. Architects are in the best position to advise you on architecture. They will be able to find the best orientation or the solutions that allow them to capture and take advantage of natural light.


Here are our suggestions for showcasing your assets for resale:

  • The veranda: bright and easy to install, it is an indoor-outdoor living space where the whole family can meet. It is a perfect place for family meals, evening discussions and aperitif.
  • A canopy: it is certainly much more stylish than the veranda. It will be ideal for installing an open kitchen or a living room. Like the bay windows, it bathes in natural light that illuminates the house.
  • A covered terrace: it is also a safe bet. It does not systematically require large surfaces. We install a nice outdoor furniture, we choose a beautiful decoration and we enjoy it throughout the year.
  • The mezzanine: provided you have a high ceiling. All this surface can be used for your comfort. You can use the mezzanine to make a dressing room, a TV corner, an office, a bedroom.
  • The extension on stilts: we recommend it if your outdoor space is rather sloping or does not allow you to directly arrange a lateral extension. Typically, a concrete piling must first be installed to support the extension.
  • The garden studio: if you want to set up an office or an outdoor workspace, this remote space is ideal. Just connect it to the main house (internet, electricity, water, sewage).



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