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Prestige Chimney

The Prestige CB-PLUS wall-mounted chimney is designed for better suction of fumes during cooking. The Prestige 1000 m3/hr Curved Glass chimney is an elegant solution for large kitchens with large cooktops. For larger kitchens with heavier grilling and frying, the Prestige Curved Glass 900 Chef chimney is a great choice. The Auto Clean 900CB-Plus is also compatible with Prestige chimneys.


The Xclusive Prestige chimney is a part of the Prestige Xclusive Outlet, a national brand of quality kitchen appliances and accessories. Its sweeping design is elegant and contemporary, combining functionality with innovation. The powerful suction capacity of this chimney ensures ideal air quality for your kitchen, minimizing harmful carbon monoxide. In addition to its stylish and functional design, the Xclusive Prestige chimney has many additional benefits that make it an exceptional purchase.

The brand TTK Prestige has been in business for over 60 years and recently opened its first Prestige Lifestyle store in Bengaluru. It will compete with rivals like Elica, Faber, and Kaff in the luxury kitchen market. The new line of premium stores aims to cater to the sophisticated home chef in India. The company is expanding into a variety of products, including dishwashers, built-in ovens, and island chimneys.


The Prestige Tampa 600 Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney is available in the largest cities of India. These cities include Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Meerut. You can buy this chimney from any of these cities by using the link below. The price of the Prestige Tampa 600 Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney is Rs. 7,848. You can also avail this chimney at best price online at

The TTK Prestige Glass Kitchen Hood is a reliable option for a smoke free kitchen. With a 1100 CMH suction rate, this kitchen hood provides fresh air into the kitchen. The auto clean feature helps you avoid having to clean the unit manually. Its three speed controls also help you regulate the speed of the hood. This product has tempered glass for safety and durability. It is the most reliable product in the market.


If you are looking for a high-quality chimney that can fit into any modern kitchen, the 900cm Prestige GKH DLX wall-mounted chimney is a great choice. This chimney features 1000 M3/hr of suction and a stainless steel body. It has a convenient “Timer” function that allows you to control when the blower turns off. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

The Prestige Classic series has a centrally located oil collector and high-end conical stainless steel filter. The conical filter is capable of effectively exhausting smoke and oil vapors while the three-speed control makes cleaning a breeze. You can easily adjust the speeds and sensitivity by simply pushing the buttons. This chimney allows you to have a smoke-free kitchen with minimal fuss and maintenance. You can find a 900cm Prestige chimney HERE.

Though the Prestige brand entered the kitchen chimney market late, it has gained immense popularity in the Indian market due to its high reliability, excellent quality, and value for money. Moreover, the brand has several excellent variants to choose from. You can check out our complete Prestige kitchen chimney review to get a better idea of the company’s kitchen chimney range. We also take a look at how each Prestige variant compares with other brands.

Elica WD60 chimney uses motion technology

The Elica WD60 prestige kitchen chimney uses movement technology and features curved glass, a touch-control panel, and a brushed stainless steel exterior. Although it is not as pricey as some other brands, this product offers high efficiency and is priced competitively, so it makes an excellent choice for any kitchen. The motors are covered by a five-year warranty, making it a great choice for the kitchen, and the product is easy to install.

This 60-cm Elica self-cleaning kitchen chimney is best suited for two-burner gas stoves. Its filterless design makes it easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. It can clean itself automatically and is designed with an LED lamp for optimal illumination while cooking. The self-cleaning mechanism requires just a few minutes to empty the oil collector and is very easy to use. The Elica WD60 prestige kitchen chimney uses motion technology to ensure that the entire chimney is clean and free from debris.

Elica WD60 chimney is more affordable than other brands

If you want a chimney that will work well for your home and is also affordable, consider Elica. This brand has a great reputation for producing durable, effective products. They offer a variety of models to suit your needs. Many of their chimneys also have features like auto-clean. And because they come with a 7-year warranty, they’re a great buy. Besides, Elica chimneys are more affordable than most other brands.

Elica WD60 chimney is made from tempered glass

The Elica WD60 prestige kitchen chimney is a popular choice for small to medium-sized kitchens. It has a six-inch duct vent and two LED lights for increased efficiency. It is available in various styles and is priced between twenty to twenty-eight thousand dollars. You may want to compare the prices of different brands before you make your purchase. Some brands are priced higher than others, but Elica chimneys are priced fairly.

This fireplace has a powerful suction capacity of 1425 m3/hr and is made with tempered glass. It also includes a separate oil collector. This model is available with a 5-year motor warranty and a one-year product warranty. It features an automatic cleaning feature to minimize cleaning efforts. It comes in black colour with tempered glass panels. The sleek design gives this product a sophisticated appearance.

Elica WD60 chimney has 850 M3/HR suction power

The Elica WD60 prestige kitchen chimney with 850 M3/HR suction power is a powerful, multi-functional appliance that can improve the quality of your cooking experience. It features a curved glass body with a 52 x 30 square centimeter filter surface area that is suitable for Indian kitchens. This chimney is compact and requires a small installation footprint, making it perfect for 2-4 burner stoves. This product has a low operating noise of 58 dB, a minimum installation area of 60 x 40 cm, and a weight of 11.9 Kg. This chimney is suitable for a medium-sized kitchen with up to two stove burners, and it requires only a 150 watt power for operation.

This wall-mounted chimney is fully automatic and features motion and touch controls. Its 58-decibel noise level is very low, and it comes with a five-year engine warranty and a one-year product warranty. Compared to other wall-mounted chimneys, the Elica WD60 prestige kitchen chimney has 850 M3/HR suction power and a brushed nickel finish.

Auto Clean 900CB-Plus is a high-volume exhaust fan

The Auto Clean 900CB-Plus is an extremely powerful chimney dryer with an incredibly high volume. Its 1000 m3/hr capacity is capable of cleaning up all sorts of kitchen smoke and odours. It has push-button speeds and a five-year motor warranty. The fan itself has a remarkably quiet motor, making it ideal for use in homes with children and pets.

The Auto Clean 900CB-Plus is designed to clean the air inside your prestige kitchen chimney easily and effectively. The hood comes with a two-baffle filter that filters out 99% of odor-causing particles. It has a push-button ignition and comes with a gas regulator. The Auto Clean 900CB-Plus is also easy to clean, with the fan disassembled and detachable.

When it comes to chimneys for your kitchen, the prestige kitchen chimney should be at the top of your list. This model is among the best available in the market and it is one of the most powerful. Here is some information on its features:

Suction force

The powerful suction force of the Prestige kitchen chimney helps channel heat from the gas stove out of the kitchen. Its angled suction technology features motion sensors and automatic cleaning. Its digital display and brushed chrome finish make it highly user-friendly. It also comes with a tempered glass door. With these great features, you can be assured that your Prestige kitchen chimney will do its job well. The Prestige kitchen chimney is the ultimate in efficiency and design.

Its 850 M3/HR suction power enables it to clean air without any fuss. This makes it a perfect option for smaller kitchens. Its curved glass window has a 52 square-centimeter area for filtered air. Its tempered glass glazing is shatter-proof. It can also be used with a two or three-burner stove. It uses 150 watts of electricity to run.

Auto-clean feature

The Prestige kitchen chimney is made of tempered glass for maximum safety and is shatterproof. It has a mirror polished U-shaped section that covers the housing and the suction pipe. The 850 m3/hr turbo suction power gives it a powerful suction. It also features three speeds – slow for simmering, medium for normal cooking and high for frying. To keep your kitchen chimney free from oil, dust and grease, it has a thermal auto-clean feature.

The Prestige 900CB-Plus comes with a push-button ignition and a two-baffle filter for added efficiency. The stove is safe to use and comes with a gas regulator. The Auto Clean feature on the Prestige 900CB-Plus makes cleaning it easy. Its advanced design allows you to easily remove the filter without dismantling it. You can also find one with up to five burners, depending on your needs.


The Prestige kitchen chimney offers a high level of efficiency and durability. Its suction power of 860 M3/HR allows it to capture a large amount of smoke, while keeping the area clean and smelling fresh. Its curved glass body is also crafted from high-quality heat-resistant glass. Its brushed chrome finish and tempered glass door add to its sleek appearance and ensure its durability. This chimney requires only 150 watts of electricity for operation.

The Prestige Chimney has an automatic maintenance system that ensures the appliance is operating efficiently. With built-in spring-loaded brushes, it can be easily cleaned. Prestige Marvel Glass 2 burner gas stove has toughened glass top and high efficiency tri-pin burners. It also features touch-control knobs for precise control of temperature and the cooking surface. Prestige offers a wide range of sizes for small and large kitchens, ranging from one to five burners.


A Prestige kitchen chimney can help you enjoy grease and odour-free cooking space. Available in various models, you can choose the best chimney according to your needs. You can also avail various deals and discounts offered by Paytm Mall. Moreover, you can also avail No Cost EMI options for purchasing the Prestige chimney. To make the purchase easier, here is a guide to buying a Prestige chimney. Listed below are some of its features and price range.

Prestige chimneys have a toughened glass top with brass burners. It is perfect for large kitchens. The auto-clean feature of Prestige chimneys allows you to set it to clean itself without any manual labor. Additionally, these chimneys are safe and require minimum maintenance. Furthermore, they have LED lighting and are easy to clean. These chimneys also come with a glass canopy that is heat-resistant. As such, you can use them without worrying about any damage to your kitchen.

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