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Tips To Follow The Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions

Well, the official permit for recreational weed in Maryland is still in debate. But, the Free State has legalized the medicinal use of cannabis in the year 2017. As a Marylander, now you can pick the weed from a medical marijuana dispensary without any flaw. But, there are several Maryland medical marijuana patient instructions alongside. Every patient requires complying with these instructions; otherwise, the law is against unlawful actions. There is a possibility that as a novice to Maryland medical cannabis commission, you might not find it obliging. But, once you get clarity on all the instructions and tips to follow, you can find it uncomplicated. This post is especially for the help of you as a new MD medical cannabis patient. Read it thoroughly till the end to get insight into getting benefits under Maryland medical marijuana program.


The eligibility criterion for medical weed in Maryland


In order to attain the weed for alternative health treatment, you first need to complete the eligibility criteria. It is not difficult to fulfill as the steps are simple and quick.


Must have a qualifying condition


The foremost thing is that you must meet the qualifying condition for weed. You must have at least one among the qualified medical illnesses as per MMCC. There are numerous conditions that can be recommended by the physician to use medical cannabis. You can get it if:


If you have glaucoma


Suffers from chronic pain.


Having severe nausea.


Suffers from anorexia


Having cachexia


And many more


You can find a checklist of approved medical conditions at the time of consultation with the physician.


Meet the eligibility conditions


If you have a qualified medical illness, then you can proceed further to apply for an MD MMJ card. But, for this, you must be 18 or older with a valid state ID, social security number, and proof of Maryland residency. If you are less than 18 years, then you require to appoint a caregiver with the minimum age requirement of 21. Take a note to fulfill this eligibility else you would not be able to apply for the card.


Nevertheless, upon completing the eligibility criteria, the next process is to apply for the medical marijuana patient card. This process also has some guidelines that you must follow. In order to know them, you must read the following steps attentively.


Get registered with Maryland medical cannabis commission.


Unlike many states where you can register with the particular program after physician consultation, Maryland is different. In this state, you have to register with MMCC before visiting the physician for medical evaluation. For this purpose, you have to create an account on the MMCC registration portal. While registering with the concerned authority, you need to submit the required information.


You need a valid proof of identities such as a driver’s license or US passport.


It must have two documents that state that you are a residence of the Free State that is Maryland. You can use your home utility bill and bank statement.


Also you need to submit a digital-colored photograph that clearly shows your face.


These are essential documents that you must submit online through the MMCC website. After creating the account, your application will be submitted. After that, you will have to wait for the approval. Once approved, you will get a notification on the email by the concerned department.


Obtain certification from MD physician


After completing the basic registration process and getting approval, you now need to move further. You have to visit a registered physician to obtain the written medical marijuana certification. Well, you might find several practitioners in Maryland. But, it is vital to visit who is registered with Maryland medical cannabis commission. As per Maryland medical marijuana patient instructions, you have to visit the doctor physically. Consultation is necessary to have in-person since the doctor has to evaluate your medical condition. Once the doctor has approved the use of cannabis for your health, you can get written certification. Now, you can use this certification to apply for the MD MMJ card.


Apply for a card with MMCC

The application fee for medical marijuana card in Maryland is just $ 50. So, once you have the medical certification in your file, you can apply for the card. You can visit the MMCC website to get your temporary MMJ card printed. By simply entering your patient ID, you can download your card online. The great news is that you can have your MD medical marijuana card valid for three years. It does not have such long validation in other US states, so it could be an advantage to you as a Marylander. The authority will mail your physical card after a few days. Remember, you have to begin cannabis purchase in 120 days of receiving the card. Else, it will become void, and you need to repeat the entire registration process again.


Visit MD medical cannabis pharmacy.


Being a responsible citizen of Maryland, it is your concern to visit an only licensed dispensary for medical weed. When you visit the pharmacy, you will be asked to show your patient ID. So, there is no exception to getting weed without having a card. By using the card, you can buy cannabis for 30-day stock at once.


Other important instructions relating to Maryland medical cannabis are as follow.


Possessing and growing medical marijuana


In Maryland, you cannot get more than the amount of medical cannabis that is recommended by the physician. You can get it in the form of dried flowers for a period of 30 days. It is currently prohibited to grow cannabis at home in Maryland in any form.


Consuming weed at the public in MD


As a registered medical marijuana patient, you are not allowed to consume cannabis in public places. However, possessing an amount of fewer than 10 grams of weed is acceptable under the law. But, if you drive in the influence of weed or sell it to anyone, it is legally punishable. So, you must keep this information in mind.


Caregiver registration


The Maryland medical marijuana patient instructions also state the application and registration process for caregivers. As a patient, if you are under 18 or disabled to visit a dispensary, you can appoint a caregiver. Remember, you cannot appoint a person as a caregiver who is less than the age of 21. Your caregiver must follow the registration process by meeting all eligibility requirements under MMCC. Similar to the patient, a caregiver also needs to have an MMJ card in Maryland to obtain the medical weed.


There is another important instruction that you need to acknowledge. As a patient, you can appoint two caregivers, and they must be your legal guardians or parents. No other person can be appointed as your caregiver. The legal fee for the caregiver is also 50 dollars and needs permission from the MMCC to get appointed. A caregiver will also have to submit the documents such as valid State ID, proof of residence, and current digital color photo.


Why having an MD MMJ card is beneficial.


Well, there is nothing to take as instruction on this topic. It is simply for your general knowledge of how you can benefit from an MMJ card in Maryland. So, it will get you faster access to a medical marijuana dispensary. It will protect you against legal charges. It will give you privilege as a legal, medical marijuana user.


The Final Say


Maryland medical marijuana patient instructions have simplified the process to attain cannabis. You can follow the above tips for the registration process without any flaws. It will help to make the registration process convenient, and you can avoid mistakes while registering as MD medical weed beneficiary.

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