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Top Reasons why you need Agile methodology in mobile app development

Projects using Agile methodology ensure 28% better success rates than projects ignoring the importance of Agile methodology. Project managers are researching agile approaches to integrate them into their business operations, gaining effective and efficient project completion rates. And the same is applicable in the mobile app development sector, where mobile app development companies are choosing agile methodology to perform their tasks. But, what exactly is Agile methodology, and why mobile app development companies are choosing Agile as their preferred approach? Let us find out.

Understanding Agile methodology and Principles


Agile methodology was tossed in 2001 by the Agile manifesto members. It was a non-profit organization recording 12 principles for an agile methodology. Here we are covering the nine most important principles or approaches involved in agile methodology and that we connect with respect to mobile app development or any kind of project.

  • Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority with every product mobile app development company delivers
  • Welcoming the dynamic market requirements and adapting accordingly to the new technologies
  • Delivering the products in the shortest possible time scale defined by deadlines
  • Developers and involved parties come up together closely
  • Building a supportive and learning environment
  • Choosing top communication methods to communicate information accurately
  • Paying extensive focus on sustainable development for a constant business pace
  • Attention to technical skills and skill up-gradation
  • Team building and management for a smooth workflow

The above principles deliver an ability to adapt to the advanced changes taking place in the technology sector. An enterprise working with principles deployed in the agile methodology builds revolutionary products and services. Why not study it in detail now? Let us check out the benefits enterprise gets when they adopt agile methodologies in their mobile app development process. It will also give us the direct answer to the reasons why mobile app development companies are choosing agile methodologies and why you should too.

Top 4 Reasons to embed agile methodology in your app development process


The question of why to use agile methodology sparkles in the minds of entrepreneurs. They want to understand why this approach is immensely popular among successful mobile app development companies. Here are the top reasons why successful companies and you should adopt the agile methodology.

Top-notch product quality


In agile project development, testing is a key phase to overcome possible errors. When you test a product to its root, it redefines the product quality. Clients cannot monitor the quality of the product when it’s into the building phase. Even the CEOs do not have time to explore every detail of a project and multiple stages. But, when a mobile app development company embeds an agile approach, they are indirectly provoking a strong emphasis on testing the product. Teams are self-organized and highly value the defined deadlines leading to the delivery of a revolutionary product.

Satisfied customer base


In an agile approach, as discussed above, customer satisfaction comes as a priority. Companies develop robust plans to increase overall customer satisfaction and add stars to their work portfolio. Further, organizations are transparent to their clients so that clients can themselves look at the reports of their product development. The final product will truly meet the client’s requirement when the customer satisfaction rate is a priority for the organization. Hence, the agile product development approach delivers high customer satisfaction to the app development company.

Better monitoring and control


This is one of the major advantages offered by Agile methodology while developing mobile apps. Project managers and Quality Analysis managers lay a refined and solid strategy to deliver a better monitoring process and control over the project. Being Agile means bringing clear transparency, integrating a proper feedback system, and integrating quality control features to improve the quality of the end product. In all the stages of mobile app development, the Agile method brings advanced reporting tools and techniques.

Reduced Risks


As we have read in the starting, integrating the Agile approach improves 28% success rates. Agile divides processes into smaller units so that businesses can focus on one part at a time with their utmost concentration. With each iteration of the activity competition, the development teams review their activities. When you review the finished activities, you can try to gather loopholes that increase your development time and overcome them with the next iteration. The risks are predicted in advance, making the overall business development process easier and promoting happy clients.



If you plan to perform activities with utmost efficiency and creativity, embed the Agile approach in your business operations. If you want to maximize your customer satisfaction, integrate the agile approach. If you want to minimize the risk in your business and promote better monitoring and communication, work on the principles of the Agile Approach. Agile mobile app development methodology packs several benefits for the mobile app development company.

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