Venue Key Areas Needed for Equestrian Events

Say you want to set up an equestrian event in your area. You want a specific area to hold your event.  So how will you proceed with it? Here are real questions about organizing an event for equestrian activities. 

There is so little information about what things or equipment are necessary or even venue functions are needed for such kind of events. But of course, such things are to be anticipated because these are rare events. They usually happen at the management of big event organizers. But for the sake of answering the question here are venue key points for equestrian events. 

Event Area

This would be your main area of the event. Whether it be a horse show, a race, or simple equestrian drill. In this portion it must be vast and large enough to accommodate the participants. Arrange and organize then in a systematic flow. 

Since you will be dealing with animals the area must be spacious enough as not to crowd the animals and their jockeys. Not to mention the assistants and staff who will be assisting the participants in the event. It should also be noted that the main event area must be seen in good vista by the visitors and viewers. 

Equipment Room

The equipment room will be the place where you will store your saddlery and all other extra equipment for the horses. There will be participants who will have missing equipment and tools of their own thus you need an extra of everything to run the event smooth and without too much hassle. This will be situated strategically near the event area to adjust easily with any malfunction on the participant’s side. 

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This will be placed near the event area but away from the crowd as the noise and extra jitters will cause the horse to become anxious and will not perform well or will not perform at all, like what happened in the latest Olympics games. 

The stables should also be clean and well maintained. Extra personnel will be assigned to make sure that the horses in the stable are taken care of. At the same time extra security must be placed near the horses as most of these horses are valuable. 


You need to set up a clinic with a ready physician both for the horse and the jockey. If the event is a racing event there will be times when there are unforeseen accidents that might happen along the way. Thus you need people on standby to assist should anything happen. Even if it won be a horse racing event, other incidents could still happen. Thus, the need for the clinic and the vet’s station. 

Jockey’s Room 

You need the jockey’s room or lounge where the participants will have ample amount of privacy. Calm to prepare for their events. The jockey’s room can be placed below the viewing deck so that they will not be disturbed by any onlookers or hecklers that might try to distract them. 

Although it sounds too simplistic, it isn’t. For an event such as this you’d have to have multiple event coordinators working with multiple directors and a competent manager to pull it through successfully.

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