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A counting game for children

A counting game for children

This fun Lego Duplos counting game lets kids practice math while building towers. Children must use their critical thinking skills to make the highest tower they can without knocking it down. A counting game for the little ones is ideal if your child likes to play with Lego Duplos. Kids love to build all kinds of things, from robots and spaceships to towers. Here’s a fun way to incorporate them into your daily learning. Interest: counting and mathematics.


Lego Duplos and a dice. Age group: 3-6 years old, two players Rule of the counting game for the little ones The first way to play Lego Tower: The first player rolls the dice and takes the corresponding number of Lego blocks.

Then he will put them together to start building a structure. The second player will do the same. Each player strives to make a tower high, but at the same time, he must make it strong enough so that it does not fall.

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The first player to shoot down his perspective loses, and the other is the winner of the game. Between the ages of 3 and 5, children don’t yet have a complete strategy for making a concrete tower that won’t fall, so they often fall within a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise, the game could last a long time. Two children of the same age playing against each other are the best setting for this way of playing.

The second way to play Lego Tower

Players take turns rolling the dice and building their structure, but this time the game is limited to 5-10 dice rolls each, and the person with the tallest tower after the last roll wins the game. It is the best way to play with children against adults or children of different skill levels. Older children and adults still have an advantage, but that levels the playing field a bit more.

As your children become more adept at counting, use a pair of dice to work on counting higher numbers and set the stage for adding two numbers. For older children, you can even use three dice. A game proposed by Mom Inspired Life. It’s a fun and easy counting game for kids to count while having fun! I like this! Make a maze for Hexbug, easy! The Hexbug “Nano” is a small roach robot with a rotating motor; It has 12 rubber feet that vibrate and make it move!

The shape of the robot makes it spin when it collides with an obstacle. These movements make the robot act and move as a cockroach does. Give the Hexbug a bit of a try, watch it and see how it works by putting obstacles in its way. Then take out your Lego blocks to build a maze. Let the children imagine and believe it; the maze doesn’t have to be complicated to operate.

Hexbug cannot turn

You must remember not to take too narrow a path where the Hexbug cannot turn! Even the little ones can have fun creating a Lego labyrinth or path and make a nice decoration, whether with small or large Lego!

When the maze or walkthrough is complete, place a Hexbug Nano at the entrance and release it to see how long it takes to find the exit. Have fun creating a somewhat complex Lego maze for older children to organize races! It’s so much fun to watch these little electronic bugs struggling to find their way out.

You can gradually add more functions. The following video shows a family that used giant Lego and added different relaxed rules: cat and mouse game, where the Hexbugs are the mice and a Hexbug Ant is the cat.

Flag capture game in which each player has a color and must capture his opponent’s flag and return to his base to score points. And finally, a game where the Hexbugs play soccer using toothpicks to direct soccer players towards the ball to score a goal.

I don’t know what your kids are like, but my son sometimes has trouble finding a game or activity to entertain himself. He loves to play with his friends, but now and then he gets upset and it’s time to drop everything.

Use this LEGO set to keep the kids busy and cool off

This LEGO challenge can be done with the family or with a group of children. Interest: calm and concentration Material: LEGO Age range: 5 to 12 years two players and up Location: indoor Lego game: the challenge Give each player a good handful of LEGO – basic blocks.

Then announce the item to be built this turn. Players can only use LEGO bricks from their pile! You can, for example, make the first turn with “vehicle”. Set a construction time (2 to 8 minutes depending on the age of the players). When time is up, each player shows what they have built. You see, children can make incredibly creative constructions with very few blocks! It’s fun to see what everyone has built.

For the second round, you can, for example, choose to make an animal: giraffe, dog, etc. The objective of the game is not to achieve the most beautiful object, but to achieve the challenge: to make a vehicle or an animal, for example. After two rounds of play, you will see that the children will have all kinds of ideas for things they could build, and will kindly (and calmly!) Build with Legos until calm returns.

Ideas for various building towers in this LEGO challenge:

A bridge

A dog

A four-legged animal.

A dinosaur

A flower

A letter of the alphabet

A tree

A snake

An imaginary animal

A chair

The tallest structure possible with the blocks you have

An ocean animal

A house

A boat

A dragon

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