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Gift ideas for a new baby

Everyone loves when a new baby boy or girl arrives! There is so much excitement and many of their family and friends want to buy a gift for them. Here are some ideas for buying a practical and lovely gift that all newborn babies and their parents will need and love.

Jellycat soft toys

A baby’s first soft toy is special and they might keep it forever as a keepsake memory of their childhood. It is important that you look for a high quality soft toy that is safe for babies and young children.

Crafted with love, plenty of charming details and just a little bit of a cheeky glint in their eyes, Jellycat Bashful Friends and precious plush toys are the perfect companion and are suitable for children from birth. A little quirky, a little sophisticated, and all theirs, Jellycat items are the ideal sumptuously soft toys that children can take with them wherever they go.

There are many different teddies and Jellycat bunnies of different sizes, many types of dogs and cats, a huge selection of different dinosaurs, ocean friends including an octopus plus other soft animals. There are also farm animals such as cows, ponies and sheep plus safari animals like lions, tigers and elephants. They all have plush fur that can be sensory and soothing for a girl or boy. They are so soft and sweet and there are so many in the range that it will be hard to pick your favourite!

You can even personalise them with the child’s name by having it embroidered on the toy, to make an extra special gift that is uniquely theirs. There are plenty of bright colours to choose from or if you prefer muted tones there are some cute pastel tones too. This soft toy will become their new and adored best friend that will go everywhere with them as they grow.


Babies go through a lot of clothing and because they grow so fast they will go through many sizes in their first year. Cute clothing is a practical gift that parents will need and appreciate too. You can even buy up a size or two so baby will have something nice to wear when they get a bit older. Look for soft and natural fabrics like cotton, bamboo and wool in nice colours and prints. It is also important to consider the weather where the baby lives.

Sleeping suits are very good for new babies as they will sleep a lot and need to be warm and comfortable. Pick up a cute sleepsuit or romper to give them a peaceful night’s sleep or select a cosy piece that’ll take them into slumber with absolute comfort.

Onesies and rompers also need to be easy to get on and off, with zips or clips down the front. In cooler temperatures it is good to put a singlet underneath baby’s outfit and a cardigan or jumper over the top to keep them nice and warm. Don’t forget the socks! Babies need them to keep their feet warm and so they are a great gift idea too. They often get lost so you can never have too many pairs of socks or booties for a baby.

Maybe you would like to give some clothing that is a little more dressy for when baby is going out and about or to a special occasion? A pretty dress with a matching headband or a matching set with a nice shirt and pants will ensure baby is looking their best. You could add some cute baby shoes to make an adorable outfit for their next playdate or outing.


Depending on how cold it is where the baby lives, a nice warm blanket can make a lovely gift to keep them warm. Snuggle them up in soft and natural fibres and fabrics. Cotton and wool fabrics are always best so the blanket is not too scratchy on baby’s skin.

Swaddles and wraps

Nearly all babies like to be swaddled or wrapped as it makes them feel safe and can help them sleep so much better. If the weather is warm then swaddles should be light in weight so baby does not get too hot. Swaddles made from light cotton, muslin or bamboo are perfect for Summer days and nights and will keep baby cool. If the weather is colder then baby will need to be kept warm so a thicker swaddle is better.

These are just some of the many ideas that you can buy for a new baby. Wrap your gift in some lovely paper or a gift bag or box, add a nice gift card and your gift is ready to give to the new arrival.

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