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What are the New Technologies in Connected Cars?

With time, the world has come up with revolutions that people had never thought of. Whenever we listen to the word connected, the first word that clicks in our mind is the internet. But what do connected cars mean? You didn’t get wrong. Connected cars mean vehicles that leverage internet connectivity to facilitate driving in terms of automation and improvement.

Nowadays, a wide range of massive revolutions is seen in the automotive industry. The connected cars conference 2023, which will take place in the upcoming year, will also prove to be very productive in exploring innovations for the future in this automotive industry.

If you want to know about the latest connected car technologies, then keep reading the article.

What is a Connected Car?

In general, a vehicle that is connected to the internet is called a connected vehicle. These vehicles have internet access both inside and out and they can download, access, and share data when commanded by the user.

The connected cars have two types: embedded and tether. The embedded device installs a chipset in the vehicle. While the tether is based on hardware connected to the driver’s phone. It can access data, download software, connect other devices, and even provide internet access to its users. This telematics is extremely helpful for electric vehicles.

Advanced Technologies in Connected Cars

The connected cars are connected with a host of smart features. They help you enjoy a convenient driving experience with little involvement in modern technology. It enhances your driving and ownership experience and provides extra security with its advanced security features. This will be one of the major topics of discussion at the connected cars conference 2023, so make sure to join it for more insights.

Even though the connected vehicles might look average, their smart technology is a revolution to the automotive industry. Hence, here are a few advanced technologies you can avail of with your connected car.

● Internet Connectivity

A connected car is always connected to the internet using embedded chips or sim cards. They have a wireless internet connection and can access and download different applications and services introduced by the manufacturers. Moreover, they can also open other online social media apps.

● Vehicle To Vehicle Communication

This technology allows vehicles to communicate with each other using the internet. They allow the vehicles to share information like traffic movement, road conditions, speed limits, etc. This technology can lead to a bright future in automobility.

● Entertainment Services

A connected vehicle also connects you with different online entertainment apps and services. Moreover, you can also connect your phone to the car to control the volume of the media. You can listen to music and radio and even watch videos online on connected cars.

● High-Level Security

The connected cars come with a ton of security policies to ensure the safety of the driver. Its safety features include real-time location sharing and tracking, emergency SOS, roadside assistance, weather, track information, and much more. Along with onboard safety, these devices also make your driving easier and more fun.

● Safety of Drivers

The connected cars protect young drivers with curfews. They have a modern feature known as Geo-Fencing. In general, it creates a geographical boundary and alerts the drivers if he goes beyond it. The tool is installed in connected cars and helps young inexperienced drivers to avoid accidents.

Consumer Benefits From Connected Cars

With these advanced features, connected vehicles provide drivers with various benefits. This makes the driving experience fun yet secure. If you are planning to invest in a connected car, then you can experience these benefits.

  • This gives you access to a wide range of entertainment services.
  • You can connect to the device via third-party apps.
  • Advanced navigation and security features to ensure safety.
  • It helps you keep track of your vehicle even when you are not around.
  • This gives you remote access to many features online.


With time, more and more investors are interested in connected cars. This is a huge blow to the automotive industry. In the future, this technology will be a new norm. It will make driving much easier and more secure.

Forget not to attend the connected cars conference 2023 will also be held in the upcoming year, which will be very helpful in unlocking many beneficial innovations in the automotive industry.

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