Smart Tips on Household Shifting During Festive Seasons

While people are gearing up with the preparation of the upcoming festivities, some must be planning to utilize such auspicious occasions for home shifting, isn’t it?

We Indians have special places and respect for all the festivals in our hearts. Most of the religious festivals in India are used to do some special or important things. Similarly, Diwali and Navratri are considered auspicious for home shifting by many.

Have you also purchased your dream home or want to, have planned to shift to a new rental apartment soon? Well, then you must be looking for an auspicious griha pravesh muhurat along with some good household moving tips to relocate your home safely.

Well, moving on festive seasons can be tiresome as the risks and responsibilities both get doubled.

Festivals bring a lot of chores with them and then opting for another chaotic task of household shifting can bring up a lot of challenges for you.

But, you need not worry at all as here in this article we are sharing some smart tips on home shifting during festive seasons.

Also, we will help you to know which festival is the best for home shifting.

Household Moving Tips

Get organized

An impromptu move can put you in big problems. There are so many preparations and planning needed when relocating to a new place, especially when you have to move on a specific date.

Home shifting is a series of tasks and involves huge risks. Thus, a lot of planning is needed. You must know how you will be doing this, whether to hire professional packers and movers Pune to Bangalore or you will do it yourself.

Based on that, you will have to make a list of the essentials that you will be used to pack and move your belongings. Even if you are planning to hire a moving company to relocate your home, you will have to find out reliable agencies.

So, get prepared for your move as soon as possible.

Book Movers in Advance

You know the festive seasons are most commonly opted by people for home relocation hence, all the moving companies remain busy during the festive seasons. If you want their booking then make sure to book them in advance.

Usually, movers get booked by customers a couple of months before their shifting date, so you will also have to be quick in this regard. Book credible movers and packers through a reliable portal that covers the best house shifting companies all over India.

You can get their booking even at the peak seasons, but that would be excessively costly. Therefore, it is advised to book credible movers and packers at least one month before you the scheduled moving date.


Diwali is the occasion when people clean the entire house which also gives them an opportunity to get rid of all the useless items that they were holding on to without any reason.

Purging will help you to know what goods you should actually take along with you and also the goods that you can donate and sell. This is beneficial in reducing the weight of your shipment as well as the moving cost.

Clean the Goods

Before you or your mover start packing the goods, clean them. Cleaning is an inevitable part of festivals, especially Diwali and Navaratri. And when you will clean all your stuff, you will be actually helping yourself to lessen the burden of cleaning the items while rearranging them in your new house. This can prolong the process of rearranging and settling in your new house, as cleaning is a time-consuming task.

Get Your New House Ready

Before shifting into the new house, ensure it’s ready. Check the utilities like electricity, water, and gas before moving in. And ensure everything is in running condition. Get your new house painted and spotless or disinfect by professional cleaners. Make sure the house is completely ready before the scheduled moving date, as the housewarming should be done on an auspicious date and time. If missed, then you may have to wait for another favorable timing.

Do Not Avoid Cleaning Old House

One thing that you must understand is that no matter where you are shifting to, it was your house. You have lived here for ages, or even if for a few years, you shouldn’t leave your house uncleaned on such an auspicious occasion. Also, cleaning your old house will help you to see the damages that are needed to be fixed. This will help you to get a refund of your security deposit without any hitches.

Start Packing Your Goods

Alright, the packers will do it, but there are a few goods that should be packed by you only. All your precious possessions like jewelry, laptop, documents, files, etc. that cannot be handed over to the movers and packers, should be packed by you.

House shifting is a complicated task, but when planned, organized, and executed in the right way then you can simply have the best house shifting experience.

If you are moving in the festive season, then you can relocate your home using all the above-mentioned tips.

And, those who want to know which festival or Muhurat is best for home relocation can continue reading the article.

Diwali or Navaratri, Which is The Best Time for Home Relocation?

Both festivals are auspicious so, you can opt for any of the two festivals for moving into a new house.

Diwali is the festival of lights and this symbolizes the victory of righteousness. This is a five-day-long celebration, and each day has its own significance. So, all five days including Diwali is considered auspicious for house shifting.

Similarly, Navaratri is the festival of triumph of good over evil. This festival is celebrated for 9 days and the tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashmi. So, all nine days are auspicious for house shifting purposes.

If you are not well-planned for house shifting then you can opt for Navratri as there are more auspicious dates. You will get enough time to plan and get prepared for the move.

You can find the auspicious dates or shubh Muhurat for griha pravesh in Naravatri 2021 on the Internet. The internet is flooded with griha pravesh shubh muhurats or auspicious dates for house shifting. Check and decide.

Not only this, people who want to start a new business or signing a new business project can also opt for these auspicious occasions. These festivals are considered to be fortunate for doing such important things in life.

Now, you know what time is the best for you to move house. Also, you know some smart house moving tips to make your move easier and smoother. If you wish to relocate your home this Diwali 2021 or Navratri 2021 then follow the above-listed tips and have a great moving experience.


Relocation has never been easy, no matter whether it is residential shifting or commercial shifting. Also, it becomes even tougher when doing in the festive season. Hence, it’s really important to plan your move with one of the best movers and packers in your city. Rely on a reliable online portal that will help you to relocate safely and smoothly and if you are worried about packers and movers Pune charges then count on Moving Solutions. Here you get professionals assistance at nominal prices.

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