What Are The Different Types Of Rigid Boxes?

Rigid boxes are a prominent style of packaging that is frequently linked with high-end goods. Rigid boxes are four times thicker than a regular folding carton and are rarely printed directly on. Instead, they are wrapped in paper that can be as plain or as opulent as desired.

Rigid boxes are, as the name implies, rigid and durable. Consider the famous “Shoe Box.” If you’ve ever bought a great pair of shoes or heels, you’ve probably received them in a rigid box. Another classic example of stiff box packing is board games. Rigid boxes are used by iPhones and other high-end devices, as well as various beauty and high-end foods and alcohol, to list a very few.

Rigid boxes serve a unique purpose in packing since they are utilised to offer the products encased inside a particular feeling and perspective. Rigid boxes are designed to give the object housed inside a beautiful and sophisticated appearance. All other packaging options are unable to meet this requirement. The elegance of the material, the allure of the constructive style, and enticing overlays of exotic and textured paper all contribute to the aforementioned character.

Rigid Boxes With Partially Covered Fronts

Customers sometimes demand a sneak peek of a product before purchasing it. This raises the product’s worth by adding value. As a result, unlike a fully covered rigid box, which may not allow the client to get a sneak glimpse into the product’s true nature, a partially covered rigid box just might.

In the middle of these boxes is a window made of transparent film. The rigidity and strength of these windows are determined by their size. It is usually determined by the type of product being placed inside the box. As a result, if the window is larger, the film must be stiffer, and vice versa. Similarly, if a beauty or cosmetic product is wrapped in the box, a more robust film is required than if a luxury object, such as a candle, is placed within custom buy boxes

Rigid Telescoping Boxes

One of the most often produced rigid boxes is the telescoping rigid box. Telescoping Rigid boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are some of them:

stiff two-piece telescoping box

3 piece rigid telescoping box

A base and a lid make up a 2-piece telescoping rigid box. The lid is often larger than the base. The lid’s increased size allows it to sit perfectly on top of the box’s bottom section. These boxes are used to package a variety of things, including garments, electronics, and more.

Rigid Boxes

The upper lid, the bottom section, and the inner piece, often known as the neck, make up the 3-piece telescoping rigid boxes. Both the upper and lower lids are the same size. As a result, the inner portion, also known as the neck, is employed. Because it is attached to the box’s base, the neck works as an adhesive connecting the two pieces. These rigid boxes are typically regarded attractive and modern, and they are used to encase similar objects.

Rigid Boxes In The Book Style

Box Design The enclosure of the rigid box is designed to open like a book. A rigid box construction in this kind is extremely resilient, solid, and easy to handle. They are also quite elegant, and the Book design Rigid boxes are the greatest solution for the packing of rather elegant objects such as a simple book or a watch.

Furthermore, given to the box’s resilience and exquisite design, it can be used in a variety of ways by clients. As a result, such boxes provide a motivator for people to purchase a specific product. We may also deduce from this fact that the act of “after-use of the packaging boxes” has a significant part in client product selection.

Magnetic Rigid Foldable Boxes

Despite the fact that rigid boxes are unlikely to fall into the category of ‘flexibility,’ The Legacy Printing’s creative team was able to come up with a solution that made even rigid boxes flexible. As a result, the concept of ‘Foldable Magnetic Rigid Boxes’ was born. These foldable rigid boxes retain all of the features of a rigid box, such as sturdiness and prestige, but the added feature is the capacity to fold.

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