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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Microwave Oven

Looking for a complete guide about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Microwave Oven? Well, keep reading as this guide is all that you need to know.

Microwave ovens have been used for cooking for many decades and most people still use them. It is one of the most convenient appliances in the kitchen. A microwave oven makes our lives far easier and fast, which can save a lot of time if we cook food by using that.

It is common to have the advantages and disadvantages of an electronic device. So, it’s better to decide by first knowing the pros and cons of a microwave oven whether to buy it or not.

In addition to this, there are many other advantages and disadvantages to know. If you really want to know about it, make sure you read this article till the end. Let’s begin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Microwave Oven

In the early days, when the microwave oven was not in existence, people used to bake with conventional ovens. The advantage of using a conventional oven is that it only takes a little time, depending on the size and type of food. However, disadvantages of using an oven also exist.

So, let’s first understand how a microwave oven works.

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven works by using microwaves to heat food that is placed inside of it. Microwaves are created in the microwave, which are then converted into electromagnetic energy. This radiation heats the food in a similar way as if it were heated with hot air.


There is a thing called ‘Magnetron’ located inside the oven that helps in producing the ‘Microwaves’ inside the chamber. Microwaves then pass through a waveguide, which directs them toward the cooking chamber. A stirrer at the top of the cooking chamber will allow microwave energy to spread evenly throughout.

Here microwaves get reflected by the material coated inside the oven. The reflected microwaves then penetrate into the food and make the water molecules vibrate. As a result, friction is produced in the water molecules and they begin to heat up. This high temperature leads to the evaporation of liquid from within the food.

Now, let’s get to the main topic that is the advantages and disadvantages of a microwave oven

Advantages of Microwave Oven:

Microwave ovens have many advantages.

Less Heating Time:

As we have discussed earlier, microwaves are electromagnetic waves with a frequency between 1 and 100 GHz. They are used to cook food because they have the capacity to vibrate water molecules.

These microwaves vibrate the water molecules too fast that resulting in really fast cooking in a microwave oven. That’s why along with cooking, baking a cake is also very easy in a microwave oven.

No Loss of Taste and Nutrition:

The microwave oven is used to cook food quickly. It does not burn the food, and it keeps the flavors and nutrition. After cooking in the microwave oven, we get the same flavors and nutrition that we had before cooking.

Super-Easy to Clean:

A microwave oven is beneficial because it has a quick cleaning process. The utensils and cooking chamber are very easy to clean.

The microwave oven is convenient in that it only heats the food, not the utensils. It also does not make the food stick to the utensils, so they are easy to handle and clean. And since there is no open flame inside a microwave oven, spills can easily be wiped off with a damp towel.

Low Power Consumption

Using a microwave oven will save you money in the long run. It uses less energy than a conventional oven, and it powers off automatically after cooking is complete. The wattage of a microwave is around 600 – 1,200 watts.

Child Safety

To be honest, the normal ovens produce a lot of smoke and heat in the cooking area, whereas microwave ovens are the best over them. Especially convection microwave ovens come with a child lock feature to keep children safe from them.

Disadvantages of Microwave oven:

Along with the advantages, here are the disadvantages of using a microwave oven.

Radiation Leakage:

Radiation is a danger to humans; it is the disadvantage of a microwave oven. Radiations can easily leak through the oven if there is some damage to the oven body internally or externally.

Brands say that microwaves are noon-ionized radiations of short radio waves, but still, the truth is that continuous exposure to radiation leakage can cause some serious health issues.

Uneven Cooking

In the microwave, standing waves occur that result in food poisoning by creating hot spots and cold spots. It can be harmful to some people if they eat food that is not suitable for them.

Also, when heating food in the microwave oven, “hot spots” and “cold spots” may occur. This is due to the shape and size of the food because microwaves do not penetrate more than 1.5 inches into the food. Therefore, if a portion of food is unevenly heated, it should be rearranged during cooking time so that it

Dry Food

Microwave ovens emit radiation that heats food by exciting water molecules in the food. The water then evaporates and forms a hot, dry area, which cooks the food. So, make sure your food has enough water in it so that it doesn’t burn or become too dry.

Deep Frying Not Possible

A microwave oven is used for cooking food. A convection oven can do the same, but it cannot be used to fry food. This is a major drawback because people are looking for an option to deep fry in a convection oven.


Microwave ovens are a helpful addition to any kitchen. They make it easy to cook a wide variety of meals quickly, from snacks to full meals. If you’re thinking about adding a microwave oven to your kitchen, keep these things in mind.

I hope now you know what are the possible Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Microwave Oven. You can also visit our site again for more information on the many uses of microwave ovens and find out how they have helped other chefs in their kitchens!

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