How many types of door lock repairs Leeds are there?

There is no doubt to this fact that door locks are essential to provide you security and safety that no other tool or appliance can provide. Locks act as a barrier to keeping your workplaces and facility safe, helping them maintain privacy. However, it is essential to look for efficiency when you search for the door lock type to know how they work and whether they are even repairable. According to one research, around two million residencies are broken every year; therefore, it is crucial for you to know and understand the different types of door locks available on the market.

Types of door locks repair Leeds you can get done!

Here are the five most common types of door locks repairs in Leeds that you may get easier or do some thorough research on the professional locksmiths to get your door locks repairs Leeds done. Let’s have a look in detail:

Knob locks

Knob locks are probably the most common locks, with the chief security method for most doors. Its cylinder is placed in the knob rather than on the doors. Therefore, knob locks are not used on external doors because they can easily be broken using a simple hammer or tools.

Cam locks

These locks are fasteners, allow storage to keep intact or in a latent way, so the overall appearance does not get affected. Cam locks are most probably come up with the cabinet kits and sets of furniture. These locks are specifically in the cylindrical form and are placed in the wooden part of your furniture. In case of any problem when your locks stop working, you may ideally hire professionals for door lock repairs Leeds to get them working back.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks comparatively offer the best protection against break-ins or burglary. These locks are moved by turning the key or knob without using a spring. Also, deadbolt locks feature a unique lock mechanism that helps resist battering, physical attacks, and boredom. These locks can also not be opened with a hand tool like a knife. These locks come in three different types, single, double, and C. In case of any technical problem, contact professionals who can come over and perform door lock repairs Leeds in a timely manner.


Padlocks are in the group of free-standing locks. These locks are portable, which means that they are not permanently attached to the door or any other cabinet that uses them. Padlocks also come in various models and are mainly grouped into two main categories: combination and keyed. These categories also have further next different subtypes; however, they can be easily repaired by hiring door lock repair Leeds professionals.

Mortise locks

They are potent locks with enhanced security features, primarily used for external doors. Mortise locks are available in both heavy and light-duty models. These locks are the combination of the solid internal system. That makes them perfect locksets than just working as locks. They may also get repaired by hiring professional. Locksmiths who can come over to your place and analyze the problems to fix them.

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