Zosi Security Camera Not Recording? Unique Resolutions!

The Zosi camera is a 1080p high-resolution & 1TB hard drive wireless security camera. It completely records high-quality videos & captur full clear images. In this camera, the advanced technology is equipped to record high-quality images. Additionally, this security system completely works with Wi-Fi networks so you can easily remotely view. If you are out somewhere and you want to see the view of your house, then you can easily see from your mobile phone but for that this camera is connected to the network. Moreover, the Zosi security camera supports 8Channel 4-in-1 DVR that enables analog HD-TVI CVI AHD cameras. It delivers you the flexibility to amplify additional cameras. You can easily & completely add more 4pcs 720P or 1080P Bullet or dome cameras.

Furthermore, inside the Zosi security system the 1TB Security Grade Hard Drive is built-in. This hard drive thoroughly supports ultra-long continuous recording and backup by USB. The 24pcs IR LEDs are built-in that allow recording the very clear picture. With these IR LEDs, easily & absolutely approach a sharp and crisp image day or night. The smart motion detection allows the user to detect the motion of the person & offer full security. 

Why is Zosi Security Camera not recording the video?

You can easily & effortlessly install Zosi security cameras in your entire home. The picture quality is so high & very clear. With this camera, your home & your residential area are completely secure. The 3.6 Lens is built-in that records 90° area in your home. You can simply connect the router to this security camera & watch the home view. But sometimes, if the security system does not record the videos then the user cannot be able to watch the home view. Here are some reasons due to the securit犀利士
y system not recording the video. 

  • Not insert SD card
  • Power supply does not connect to the camera
  • Camera setting wrong configure
  • SC card dirty

How to troubleshoot Zosi Security Camera Not Recording?

If the Zosi security wireless camera system does not record the video, then you have to test the issue. The camera’s issue is very common & simple, so you can try to resolve this issue manually. In the given below, there are some zosi camera troubleshooting steps that allow you to quickly resolve the camera’s issue. 

Ensure the camera cable is OK

The zosi Wi-Fi-connected security camera completely works with the cable. If you cannot connect the cable then this apparatus does not turn & nor record the video. If this appliance does not record the video, then you have to verify the cable connection. Because many times it happens that the cable that you are using or plugging in your camera is useless, due to which the camera does not record the video. 

If the security camera system does not record the video, then firstly ensure the cable is OK. If the camera cable does not OK, then instantly unplug this cable from the available port. Instead of this cable, you can use another cable. Working & properly cable is plugged into the port & then power is up now. Now your camera absolutely records the video. 

Clean the Zosi camera Lens

If the Zosi security camera does not record the videos then you have to verify the Lens. Because the Security camera records the video only through the lens. If there is dust on the lens then it will not be able to record the video. To resolve the issue, you have to check the security camera’s Lens. 

You have to use a dry cloth or brush and clean the dust from the top of the lens. After this your camera will record the video in the proper manner.

Verify the security system connection & power

To resolve the recording issue, you have to properly verify the system connection & power issue. Because sometimes, the cable connection issue is caused due to this system not being able to record the video. Additionally, ensure the WiFi connection is established with this camera. 

Sometimes, the WiFi network does not connect to this camera, then you are not able to watch the recorded video remotely. To remotely watch the video, you have to connect the security camera to the network. By using a mobile app, the camera is easily & simply connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Restart the wireless camera

You can simply restart the Zosi camera if it does not record the video. To restart the camera, you have to unplug from the power supply by disconnecting the cable. Then, verify the power button & then press for a few seconds. The LED light status is off & the camera power is switched off. Then, you can press this button, again & switch ON the power. 

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