The Meaning Behind Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue topaz gemstones have gained their popularity as the birthstone of December because of their unassuming beauty and versatility in jewelry design. They can be colorless, white, or light blue, as well as green and yellow, but it’s their rich blue shade that has made them such a popular choice among jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. Blue topaz stones are often given as gifts to loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. What do blue topaz gemstones symbolize?

A Stone of Courage

Blue topaz symbolizes courage and confidence. It’s been a popular stone for centuries, especially among those who suffer from indecision. Blue topaz can be used to encourage action when procrastination is holding you back. It’s also said to help create a sense of calm and security, making it an excellent gift choice for someone facing stress or anxiety issues. For best results, wear blue topaz as a pendant or necklace so that it rests directly against your skin at all times. The ideal location is over your heart chakra — right in between your breasts if you’re female, or close to your sternum if you’re male. You can even tuck it under your clothes, just be sure not to lose track of it! If you have any questions about where to buy blue topaz jewelry, contact us today. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.

A Stone of Truth

Blue topaz is known as a stone of truth, so if you’re looking for someone to be honest with, you can give them a blue topaz. It’s also associated with loyalty and wisdom. The colors range from light to dark blue depending on where it’s mined, but most have a lot of color variation in them. Blue topaz can also symbolize protection, luck and opportunity. If you want to know more about other types of ruby gemstone, check out our infographic here. You might find that one or two speak to you just as much as blue topaz does!

A Stone of the Senses

Blue topaz is a translucent to transparent gemstone, typically ranging in color from blue to yellow-blue or grayish-blue. The rarest type of topaz, called imperial topaz, displays a bright yellow to orange hue. Because of its hardness (8 on the Mohs scale), it’s frequently found in rings and earrings that are designed for everyday wear. Blue topaz represents truth and sincerity—if you receive a blue topaz as a gift, you can be sure that your gifter believes in your character. Its vivid color also makes it an especially effective stone for self-expression; it can help people who have trouble opening up verbally learn how to better express themselves with their actions. If you’re looking for a way to make your words more meaningful, consider pairing them with something beautiful. A piece of jewelry made out of blue topaz might just do the trick!

A Stone of Bravery

The blue topaz is a beautiful stone, and its one of my favorites. Not only is it available in several beautiful shades, but it’s also one of those stones that can help boost your confidence and courage. Not sure if you’re up for a date? A new job interview? Feeling like you need to stand up for yourself in an uncomfortable situation? Pop on some blue topaz earrings, or better yet, wear one as a pendant around your neck. The energy of these gemstones will help keep your spirits high, so that you feel brave enough to handle any situation with ease. You might even notice that people are treating you differently—in a good way! They’ll be more inclined to listen to what you have to say, because they know how much conviction and determination lies behind your words.

A Stone of Happiness

For many centuries, people have recognized topaz for its healing properties. In fact, it has long been considered a symbol of good fortune and joy, as well as protection against negative energy and disease. In some Asian countries, blue topaz is thought to bring prosperity to its wearer and protect them from harm while traveling or in times of peril. The mineral also is said to be capable of dispelling anger and bringing success in love or business affairs. It was even considered a powerful talisman by European sailors who believed it would protect them at sea — though if you carry blue topaz with you today it might help you find your way home when lost! But what does blue topaz mean?

If you’re looking for jewelry that will truly inspire happiness, choose something crafted from natural gemstones like amethyst, peridot or turquoise. These stones are linked to their own meanings and associated colors: Amethyst is a stone that is meant to increase one’s spirituality and give clarity of mind; peridot brings wealth; turquoise attracts health. Whatever gemstone jewelry you choose, it’s certain that happiness will follow!

A Stone to Communicate With Deceased Loved Ones

Like its close cousin, amethyst, blue topazz is a stone that’s been used for centuries in jewelry—in fact, it was one of Cleopatra’s favorite materials. It wasn’t just for its beautiful shade of blue; Cleopatra believed that wearing topaz could enhance her communication with deceased loved ones. At one point in history, it was even rumored to be a stone that could restore sight to those who were born blind. This was later discovered to be a myth (which is probably good news if you are hoping to talk with your dead friends and family members), but still shows how valued it has been throughout time.

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