How is Background Check helpful in Pre-employment Verification?

The majority of employees conduct employment history verification during the hiring process, depending on company policies and all. So, what is the meaning of the term background check? How is it helpful in pre-employment verification? Do you have such questions in your mind? If yes, you have stumbled across the right page.

In this write-up, We’ll dive thoroughly into the knowledge of the employment verification process. Let’s discuss further:

What Is Employment History Verification?

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Whenever you apply for a job, the employer may ask your permission to conduct a background check. This includes employment history, education, certifications, financial information, and criminal record. In simple words, what you have presented in your CV will be checked by them to ensure its reliability. 

Why Do Employers do Pre-Employment Verifications?

Employers do background checking just to ensure that you meet the qualifications for the job or not. Background verification companies may also perform a background check to determine if you graduated from the same college as mentioned in the resume or to confirm that you worked for a previous company for the time mentioned on your resume or job application. For example, if a taxi sharing company hires someone with a bad driving record, they may be held responsible in the event of an accident. And, in last they will regret not checking the background while hiring him. Here we have come up with the reasons employers use background screening:

Identify verification

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While conducting employee background screening, employers often ask for social security numbers for identity confirmation. This enables them to know whether you have given you all information i.e. address correctly or not. 

Credit History of Employee

Employers hiring for a position that handles company finances may check your credit report, which shows how many accounts you have with lenders and if you have any bankruptcies on your record.


Education Insights

Along with skills and experience, every employer also verifies your education because the position requires certain specialization or certifications. This verification involves attendance proof at your educational institutions. It also makes them confirm the level of education you have achieved as the same mentioned in the resume. 

To Make contingent job offers

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An employer can offer a contingent job offer, also called a conditional job offer, to secure you as a candidate before conducting background and reference checks. They may also perform other assessments to determine your eligibility.

The hiring of Skilled & Knowledgeable Candidate

No companies want to hire people for the same position over and over again. Right? Verification allows you to thoroughly check the employee’s history and their reputation in previous organizations.  söğütlü escort bayan


However, it also throws light on an individual’s skills, personality, knowledge, and Etiquette. That’s why background verification companies are the ultimate solution and one-time investment allowing you to make the right choice of hire.


How does employment history verification verify employment?


Employment history verification is the process in which employers get confirmation of where & when you have worked at previous employers. It varies from state to state that employers share the information on giving reference to a prospective employer. And, in some states, employers provide information about the former employee after their consent. Sometimes called service letter laws, some states require employers to provide former employees with letters describing certain aspects of their employment such as their work histories, pay rates, or reasons for leaving the company. These laws vary greatly from state to state.


To verify the employment details, prospective employers can also


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They may call your previous office and ask for the following mentioned information.

    • Job Performance- According to some states’ policies, a former employee can discuss your performance when you worked with them.
    • Termination Reason- If your state permits, the former employer can also discuss the termination reason with your potential future employer.
  • Qualification & Skills- A future potential employer can also ask for your skills from your previous company just to check if you can handle the task in a new job.
  • Length of previous employment: They can also ask how many years have you worked in your previous job to check the capability of maintaining long-term relationships with them.


References Checking


In some companies, employers can ask you to give some professional references to verify the work history and to get insights into your skills. An employer may contact one of your references mentioned in the CV and ask about your professional behaviour in the previous company. The reference check also includes a request for a character reference letter, which gives a potential employer a look into your qualities and attributes. But not employers ask for them; however, it’s only applicable in some states.           


Most employers ask for the following information:

  • Employers names
  • Responsibilities or duties
  • Accomplishments
  • Employment dates
  • Job titles and salaries


Repute- India’s Most Reliable Employment History Verification


Looking for background verification companies? Then, Repute can offer you a customized employment history verification solution in no time. By appointing them, an organization can save ample time and emphasis on other important tasks. It’s fast and automated identity verifications. We do income & background verification done in an instant. With them, you get comprehensive services such as Address Verification, Global Risk Database, Academic Record Check, Financial Credit, Aadhaar Verification, professional reference check, employment verifications. Contact them today and hire the right employees for your company.


Final Thoughts


Employment verification history must be applied before hiring candidates in all companies as it gives an overview of employee performance. However, fraud has also increased in CVs in the last few years. If a company adheres to a proper employment verification process, it increases its brand reputation among its clients and maintains trust as well. Additionally, the right employee contributes more to company growth and profitability. It’s a one-time investment that pays you for the long term. Isn’t it? Henceforth, you should invest in employment verification companies and reduce the possibilities of fraud, criminal and wrong candidate that doesn’t fit best to your company.

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