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Some Effective Ways to Boost Your Woo-Commerce Store That Truly Work

Woo-Commerce launched on September 27, 2011, is a popular e-commerce platform that helps in creating an online store that comes in the form of a WordPress plugin. Woo-Commerce is a flexible and beginner-friendly way to commercialize your business on e-commerce platforms. Automattic, a company behind, owns Woo-Commerce.

Woo-Commerce is a secure way to launch your products online and uses a responsive design.  Adapting to various screen sizes and designs is the best feature. A good Website Design Company helps you launch your Woo-Commerce store better on the online marketing platforms.

Tips to Accelerate Your Woo-Commerce Store:

    • The use of a high-quality host helps in providing the speed foundation to the website. A high-quality host is the one that provides server-side caching—high performance of SSD drives, use of updated software like PHP. Have enough resources that your site needs, like the use of correct bandwidth and RAM.
    • Choose a flexible yet fast theme- a theme that makes a balance of speed and user needs.
    • Limiting the plugins according to our use. Limiting the plugins ensures user flexibility. One should choose Plugins that serve multiple functions at one time.
    • Compression of images on the web page– Images are considered some of the heaviest documents for the server to handle. Consider that the images you use are small. Among different ways to upload an image file.
    • Considering slow loading of images on the web page means if a web page is longer, try the page is loading only those images which the user is viewing.
    • Installing a caching plugin on the website, its helps in loading the web page quickly, making the experience seamless and user-friendly.

Surveys and Stats 

In a recent survey, it was found that the market share for Woo-Commerce is approximated to be 29% of the top 1 million websites using e-commerce platforms. The comparative study of the years 2020 and 2021 shows that the Woo-Commerce market share was 26% in the year 2020.  These increasing numbers are proof of the growth of Woo-Commerce in recent years that keep on increasing every other day.


A good Website Design Company in Jadavpur, Kolkata, India, helps a business provide a quality purchasing experience to its customers. An experience that makes them revisit their WooCommerce store.  A seamless site leads to a happy customer. If one needs to identify as a user which is the Best Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, one should be able to design a website that loads quickly because speed matters to a customer while shopping from a Woo-Commerce store. To make the best online store, the web developer should focus on user-friendly design.

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