The Reality Of Doctoring Images

Humans care about how others perceive them and this has been true forever. Everyone wants to show their best version to the world whether it is in person or digitally. With social media coming to the forefront, this has become increasingly important for those who are posting online. This includes using digital thinning apps to get the look they desire, you see a lot of big branding doing with the expectation of a few (e.g. Elle Courbee) 

This is not something new as it has been around for a long time. People have always wanted to rework their images and edit them to the point they change how they look. This is ideal for showing power, wealth, and overall influence. 

Dorian Gray 

If you are looking at changing how a picture looks, just type “thin” and see what shows up in your phone’s app store. You will begin to see how people can edit their bodies. The reason people do this is to show they are fit and youthful. It is about maintaining that youthful appearance even as they begin to show signs of ageing. It is about extending that part of their soul and wanting to maintain that look. 

The Images Remain 

This is the first thing you have to realise. The images are always there in their retouched form when it comes to social media. They begin to show you what an ideal version of you looks even if it is doctored. This begins to seep into your mindset. You attempt to maintain that standard even though it was never real, to begin with. 

The Camera Says It All 

When it comes to the likes that are flowing in, you are going to have to consider the joy you are going to feel even if the image is not the way you look in real life. It is common for filters to be used to enhance a photo to make it look better. This is not good for your mindset and it can cause you to start believing you look the way you are showing yourself to the world. It becomes difficult for you to understand how you look in person and this starts to impact everything about you in real life. 

Immediate Proof 

The world has become used to the idea of people reworking their images and this has become commonly associated with women. it is not just recent examples. It goes all the way back to Anne of Cleves, who had a flattering portrait of herself made and it led to her marriage with Herny VIII. Photography has always been about understanding what works and what does not to get the perfect aesthetic. This can include using exposure techniques that can change how the body looks. As Photoshop has come into the mix, this has become even easier than before. 

Show The Truth 

It’s important to understand there is a solution to all of this. The goal is to not show the worst pictures of yourself as a way to fix things. Instead, you want to take the best natural photos where everything is done without skewing the physical traits of your body. This means not editing it using Photoshop and maintaining the natural aesthetic of the photo. 

Know The Storey Behind The Picture 

A picture is not just about that moment but about everything around it. This is why using illusions is not ideal. You want to focus on the experience around that photo and make sure your look is in line with that reality. This can include what you are wearing or how you are posing. Each situation is unique and it is not expected for you to look like a Kardashian in all situations. 


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