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How to Manage Real Estate Portal Effectively

Align requirements, manage time, promote brand, nurture leads, and go for portal development. There are approximately over 3 million active real estate licensees in the US. It might seem difficult to expand your reach and accomplish your business goals. However, there are various ways you can implement to mitigate risks, streamline processes, and reach potential clients.

In this article, we’ve covered a few strategies that will help you take your business to the next level.

  • Nurture your Leads

If you have leads, they expect to hear from you. A one-time marketing approach is not enough to nurture leads. For example, if you have a few new leads, they won’t buy instantly. You need to follow up consistently to know their status and approach them accordingly. If you keep waiting, you will probably be able to turn only 3 percent of them into buying or selling. To make more money and achieve bigger goals, you have to create a pipeline to reach them.

Also focus on your old and existing customers. An Atlanta based Graham Seeby Group transformed 279 contacts into $9 million in home sales in 4 years by continuously marketing to their old customers.

So, the bottom line is to keep your leads and customers in the loop always. Be the first one to approach.

  • Improve Time Management

The one thing that can hamper your business’ growth is improper management. If you have too many tasks to accomplish, it’s essential that you manage your time properly. You can start it by planning your and your agent’s schedule – like the number of appointments in a day. Bring in a tool that helps you plan and manage your schedules effectively.

It can be a calendar app that helps you sort your priorities and reminds you of the important activities and upcoming meetings and events. If task management is a challenge for you, you can use tools like Trello to manage activities. You can assign tasks to your staff and they can move the card according to their status.

If you want to bring in a single solution, you can go for a real estate portal development. The portal ensures that everyone can manage their schedules themselves without any dependency on others. Being a centralized solution, it offers everything in one place – schedules, activities, clients, etc., thereby, saving time spent on managing multiple tools.

Also, the automation helps agents to focus on the important activities rather than spending time on filling data sheets.

  • Make a Lasting Impression

‘First impression is the last impression’ – is not just a saying but something that has a practical significance. Consider customer service for example. The thing that customers notice is the way the support team approaches them. If it’s a phone call, it’s about the conversation. In a F2F discussion, customers usually look at the appearance and body language first. Real estate business is customer centric, i.e., it involves a lot of customer communication. Hence, it’s necessary to develop a professional image in terms of appearance, approach, and communication that includes everything – marketing, advertising, web presence, face-to-face and virtual interactions.

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Some tips to make a great impression:

  • For appearance – avoid revealing clothes. Avoid wearing too many accessories, perfumes and cologne.
  • For phone calls  – clear and dialect familiar.
  • For marketing and advertising resources – utilize the most recent approaches and guarantee pictures are of tall quality, and the substance is redress.
  • For web appearance – make websites natural and simple to utilize. Implement SEO for better visibility.  Bring in tools like real estate portal to enhance the digital experience.
  • Use Tools and Technology

Developing a professional image is good for your business. However, that alone is not enough to expand your reach. Plus if you’re growing, you can’t manage everything on your own. You need a team to handle operations. However, that can be costly. You can instead switch to automation. It will help you manage everything without worrying about the human errors like data manipulation, misplacing, errors, and more. You can use various tools to manage your real estate business.

  • CRM – to manage your customers and all the information related to them including personal details, invoices, documents, history, and analytical data like behavior and preferences. You can keep a track on their activities.
  • Website – a digital face with advanced features that increases your brand visibility and directs them to appropriate pages and properties. This way, you can promote listings and empower customers to make quick decisions.
  • Marketing tools – Integrate social media for better engagement. Use designing tools to design banners, images, postcards, flyers, brochures, animated home visits, etc. Send out promotional emails.
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  • Portal – if you want to manage all the CRM, marketing, and management activities using one tool, go for real estate portal development. It streamlines the entire business operations including customer service. For example, self service and knowledge base allows customers and agents to solve their queries themselves, that too, in less time.
  • Optimize your Website 

SEO is important for visibility and you should do it if you want more traffic and better ranking. Also, you don’t have to be an expert to optimize it. Add relevant keywords, optimize images, simplify navigation, speed up the store, add proper description, and create relevant content.

Site upgrades and data analysis also plays a major role in website optimization.

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  • Start Blogging

Google ranks websites based on pages and the easiest way to get more visibility is through blogging. So, write relevant articles that your target audience wants to read. For example, dos and don’ts while searching a property or so. List down all the topics and write on it. The more relevant it will be, the better the traffic will be.

Keep the content updated because no one’s interested in learning about the tips that worked 5 years ago. Also, maintain consistency. You don’t have to share daily but once or twice in a week will do the trick.

The important thing is to keep writing and promoting informative content on social media.


  • Run Ads

72.3 percent of American users actively use social media on a daily basis. So, if you want to reach them without spending much, social media is the key. Run ads about your services, offers, or new listings and attract the audience. Location based ads will help you with brand awareness and reach your target audience. The likes and comments on social media ads also help you get more traffic.

When a customer in the native region likes the ad, their followers can view their activities in the newsfeed. They might then visit your website, if interested. The audience may even refer it to others.

Ads have a significant impact on visibility. It also increases the chances of ROI.

Just like that, there are many ways of managing and growing your business. Try all the ideas that you find effective and see what works for you and what doesn’t. In all this, portal development is a must. It simplifies your entire management, and helps you with marketing, customer support, and sales. A portal is a one-stop destination. Do give it a try!

Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments!

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Maulik Shah

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of CRMJetty, hub of innovative customer relationship solutions, provides ready to CMS integrate portal solutions for SuiteCRM, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM.

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