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Overall The Best Crossbody Bags ETC

Overall The Best Crossbody Bags ETC

Irrespective of whether you keep weeks of receipts in a drawer or have a strict rules about what goes in a handbag, keeping a few crossbody bags in your collection will give you access to an unencumbered, carefree existence. The minimum you can expect is that you’ll be able to pet puppies, drink artisanal lattes, and dismantle patriarchy while your hands are free. There is no question that hands-free is the way to go, so this is really a love letter to the best crossbody bags of 2022 from our team.

The NPD Group reports that handbag sales have been dipping since the pandemic, but are rebounding now that we are returning to our preferred activities. Having returned to more of their normal behaviors, consumers are treating themselves, according to Beth Goldstein, NPD’s Executive Director and footwear and accessories industry analyst. Goldstein says consumers are not only refreshing their wardrobes and accessories, but are also “trading up.” Handbag revenue has grown 7% in just the time period between March and August 2021, according to Goldstein.

That’s a big jump in a short time, but informal polling around the water cooler – aka tired Zoom meetings with bougie water bottles – is similar. Recently, it seems we’ve been updating our bags, buying concert tickets, and saying yes to more experiences. With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the best crossbody bags.

What We Looked For When Selecting Products For Our Project

From handbags to commuter totes, crossbody bags fit a variety of needs. Due to the wide range of products we offer, we wanted to make sure everyone could find something they liked. Based on this, we reviewed industry trends and statistics as well as the cutest, most versatile, and most-loved options on the web.

We also spoke with Stitch Fix stylist Alicia Lloyd to better understand 2022’s crossbody bag trends. She has worked for companies like American Eagle and Saks Fifth Avenue for 15 years. Her advice on how to use these insights was based on the direct-to-consumer styling brand’s recent report on fashion trends for 2022. The best crossbody bag is one that matches your personal style, so there are no hard and fast rules. Given the importance of self-expression and personal interests in our fashion choices, we asked her about the challenge of being outdoorsy while looking cute.

There’s no doubt about it: she hit the nail on the head. The smaller, more lightweight option will appeal to outdoor lovers, as it offers just enough space for just the necessities. “Herschel offers stylish options that I recommend to clients.”

So, armed with stats and expert advice, here are the best crossbody bags in 2022!

The Best Overall Crossbody Bag

Beat Shoulder Bag

There is a good chance that you will get stopped in the street because this vegan leather crossbody bag is so perfect. So at least one customer found out about it. When they noticed someone carrying the bag, they were pleasantly shocked when they learned the price and “didn’t hesitate” to ask her where she got it from.

According to The Daily Beast, the classic shape is styled with a striped guitar strap that can be swapped out for another handbag.

A social media highlight reminds us that every successful brand has a real person behind it. This person is Erin Hornyak, and she loves navy. We came across this throwback video from a home-based pop-up featuring this series of bags on the brand’s Instagram feed.

Multi-Compartment Storage At Its Best

Its 10,000+ Amazon fans agree that this pink double-compartment crossbody is a gift from the handbag gods. The review write-up of one customer, however, caught our attention. “The pickiest human of all time” worked in fashion for 15 years and is a tough critic as a result. What’s her opinion? As for the bag itself, it seems to have met expectations: “The details are excellent and the overall look goes with pretty much anything. Even the interior is gorgeous! I’m impressed. I’m happy.”

Take a cue from real-life Amazon customers by pairing the bag with jeans and a crop top. Additionally, another user gives a glimpse of the inside compartments and gorgeous pink color.

Say yes to scented stationery and everything pink to channel your inner Elle Woods. Over 1.5 million people liked her celebratory post celebrating the 20th anniversary of Reese Witherspoon’s “Legally Blond” in theaters.

Streetwear Phone Slings That Are The Best

You’re welcome to the brand Sprayground if you’re new to it! It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride. A lot of the brand’s roots lie in the bag industry, with their now-iconic “Hello My Name Is” backpack playing a major part in that. David BenDavid, the brand’s co-founder who has been featured in magazines like Contrast, is regarded as an enormous creative force in the industry. Throughout the years, BenDavid and Porsche, which rank among his favorite sports teams, have been involved in a number of collaborations. In his own words, “That was definitely my favorite collaboration of all time,” he says. “We have done several artistic bags with them, and now I am designing exclusive products for the arena store inside.

“Certain trends emerge year after year,” says Stitch Fix stylist Alicia Lloyd. This year is no exception, with micro crossbodies becoming increasingly popular.

Highlights on Sprayground’s Instagram include Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid wearing Sprayground x LaQuan Smith apparel.

Identify Theft-Proof Crossbody Bag

Make sure your bag protects your identity by being uniquely you. Keeping your credit cards safe is made easy with this black, sling-style bag. Besides being cute, it’s also water-resistant and has tamper-proof zippers.

Style Tip: Although RFID-related crimes are debatable, the fact remains that credit card information can be stolen easily this way (via NPR). As a result, thieves tend to target places with a high number of people, such as airports, which have many cameras. But if you want peace of mind in places less monitored like concert halls, festivals, or museums, it’s worthwhile. Choose one that will go with any outfit.


In the wake of the pandemic, handbag sales have declined, but have rebounded now that we are returning to our preferred activities. Retail analyst Beth Goldstein reports consumers are treating themselves more following their return to normal behavior. According to Goldstein, consumers are not only refreshing their wardrobes and accessories, but also updating their handbags. Handbag revenues grew 7% from March to August 2021.

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