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Different types of Cutting Boards

Different cutting boards are used for different purposes. The expert chefs never use the same board for cutting everything. There is also variety in the material and texture of the boards. Some are made out of wood while some are made out of glass or plastic. There are different colors in the cutting boards and each of them indicates a different thing.

The cutting boards come in different shapes and types because it affects the cutting of the materials. If you cut meat on a textured plastic board, it will stick to it making it difficult to cut and marinate the meat. So here are the details of these handcrafted cutting boards so make sure you use the right kind of board in your kitchen.

Carving Boards:

Carving boards have a carving is known and juice trough around the outer side of the board. This is used to collect the juice of meat and so that it doesn’t make a mess while you cut it. Such boards provide a safe place to cut your meat. You can also use such boards to cut juicy fruits and vegetables. The juice will be collected into the depression on the board and you can easily chop your fruits.

Bread Board:

A breadboard is one of the oldest types of handcrafted cutting boards. These are long wooden boards with a handle, used to cut freshly baked bread. These boards will help you collect the crumbs so you can have your food without making a mess of crumbs everywhere.

Unlike other cutting boards, breadboards are thinner and longer so you can easily put a long loaf of bread on them and carry it around. Since bread is soft and cut easily, it doesn’t have to be a thick board to cut the bread.

Flexible Mat:

A flexible cutting mat is a great option if you need a large surface to cut. You can use your kitchen shelf as a cutting surface after putting a flexible cutting mat on it. It’s light and easy to use and wash. These are flexible so you can just roll them or fold them into a funnel and transfer your cuttings into a bowl without spillings. These mats are useful for fine choppings in large quantities of fruits and vegetables.


Cutting mats are very useful and they can reduce your work and make it efficient if you use the right tools. Using the right cutting boards and knives can save you a lot of hustle.

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