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Green Tea: Everything you need to know

Green Tea

Green tea is made up of Leaves. It’s an Associate in a Nursing evergreen woody plant that originated within the southwest forest region of China.

Japan and China dominate tea leaf production.


How to make Green Tea?

All tea leaves square measure harvested by hand.

With tea leaves, the leaves square measure preserved with heat in real-time once harvested, whereas tea leaf leaves square measure left to oxidize before they are dried.

In Japan, tea leaf is dried with steam, whereas Chinese Green teas are square measure processed with dry heat victimization Associate in Nursing ovenlike drum or wok like a vessel.

loose green tea has its own tea leaves alone. Some Japanese varieties use solely stems or mix them with the leaves.

There square measure many styles of tea leaf accessible, varied within the means the tea is processed.

The style differs with the particular kind, tho’ it’s typically softer and sweeter than tea leaf. Japanese Green teas square measure notable for a robust vegetal flavor that is sedgy and appreciates alga, with citrus notes.



Since it contains alkaloids, it is best to drink tea leaves throughout the daytime. It’s pleasurable before, during, or once a meal, and it’s going to even facilitate digestion.


How to Drink Green Tea?

Unlike tea leaf, tea leaf wouldn’t like cream, sugar, and alternative additives, which can even cut back its health advantages. A squeeze of juice may be a nice boost of flavor for a few styles of tea leaf.

Most tea leaf is brewed with preparation water between a hundred and fifty F and one hundred eighty F.

The production times vary by the sort, tho’ they are typically short. Steamed Japanese Green teas need simply thirty seconds.

It could go as long as four minutes. production of tea leaf too long can build it bitter.

Continually follow the advice for time and temperature supplied with the particular tea you are producing.


Buying and storing Green Tea

While tea won’t ever very go “bad”, it will get stale. And once tea gets stale, it’s not as nice to sip.

Therefore folks that claim they don’t like tea leaf as a result of they don’t like however it tastes have presumably sipped stale or quality tea leaf.

To ensure you’re obtaining a tea leaf price sipping, purchase tea from an honorable company that will tell you once and the way the tea was processed and prepackaged. And raise your tea provider for directions on a way to brew the simplest cup of that individual style of tea.

Since tea leaf is a smaller amount change than its tea leaf full cousin, it’s technically lowerclassman and a lot of delicate, therefore it ought to be consumed a lot quicker for optimum flavor.

Buy Green Tea is best consumed at intervals of six months to a year of purchase. you must additionally lookout to store your tea leaf in a very cool, dark place, far away from lightweight, oxygen, wetness, and perfumed larder companions like occasional or spices.

For a lot of info regarding a way to best take care of your tea, visit our a way to Store Tea page.


Preparing tea leaf

Depending on the range and kind of tea leaf you’re going to brew.

Every kind could have completely different production temperature and steeping time directions.

Raise your tea merchant for production tips if the tea package doesn’t have specific directions.

Here square measure some general tea production tips to stay in mind:

Use fresh, pure, cold filtered water. Springwater is the best.

Typically, Green tea square measure brewed briefly infusions at around a hundred and sixty to one hundred eighty degrees.

Don’t scorch your tea! If the water is just too hot, particularly for tea leaves, your tea can unharness a lot of bitterness and astringency a lot of quickly.

If you don’t have an electrical kettle with temperature management, merely enable your boiling water to rest before gushing it over your tea leaf leaves.

It depends on the tea, however victimization regarding two grams of loose leaf tea per eight oz. cup of water may be a safe bet. If your tea package has specific recommendations for steeping, use those.

Cover your steeping tea to stay all the warmth within the steeping vessel.

Green tea ought to steep from thirty to sixty seconds for early harvest, a lot of delicate teas to two to three minutes for normal harvest, and a lot of strong teas.

Most high-quality loose leaf teas are steeped multiple times.

To milk or not milk?

Adding milk (and even sugar) to your tea leaf is okay if you prefer to season your tea.

Detain mind that the flavor of tea leaf is mostly quite lightweight and you’ll cowl it up with the addition of milk and/or sugar, and you’ll even be adding calories.

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