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Hood Chimney vs Straight Line Chimney – Which one do you need?

There are a lot of types of auto-clean chimneys available in the market. If you are confused between Hood Chimney vs Straight Line Chimney, keep reading as today we will guide you to pick the correct one for your home.

A chimney is a structure used to remove hot gases and toxic pollutants from the air in your kitchen. It can also reduce the level of carbon monoxide in the kitchen while cooking, as well as control the growth of bacteria and other germs.

What is Hood Chimney?

As you get it through the name itself, a Hood chimney is a type of chimney that has a hood connected to it. Basically, the hood is the part that covers up your actual chimney and it also looks classy as well. There are various types of chimney hoods present in the market.

What is a Straight Line Chimney?

A Straight Line chimney does not have any hood connected with them. Basically, as the name says it, it’s a chimney with a straight-line design. It’s considered to be a good pick if you want to save up space inside your kitchen. As the hooded chimneys cover up a lot of space inside the kitchens.

Hood Chimney vs Straight Line Chimney

Straight chimneys are more about performance, while hooded chimneys are more about style. On the other hand, hooded chimneys are more popular in Western countries since they can be used as an ornamental piece, which looks good with modern furnishings and is easy to handle.

A hooded chimney is an improved version of the traditional chimney. It comes with aesthetic appeal and also offers various styles, materials, and colors to enhance your modular kitchen. However, it is more expensive than its predecessor.

Advantages of Installing a Chimney in your Kitchen:

  • You can remove hot and toxic gases from the air in your kitchen by using a chimney..
  • A kitchen hood is a device that absorbs the heat or steam that comes out of cookware. This prevents it from hitting your face.
  • Installing an electric chimney in your kitchen can make it functional and look aesthetically appealing.
  • There are various designs of chimneys one can choose from, but you should always consider the design that matches your kitchen’s decor.
  • Chimneys that match the color scheme of your kitchen will look beautiful, but if the color is too dark or too light.

Which one should you choose?

If you don’t have enough space for a hood, or if an immediate loft comes in the way, then the straight line is preferred.

I’d like to suggest that you gather more information on the performance of your chimney by identifying the size of your kitchen, what type of filter is used, and how much suction power the chimneys have.

1. Chimney Size

Whenever you intend to buy a chimney for your kitchen, look for one that is equal to or larger than the size of your gas stove or hob. Kitchen chimneys suck in all the smoke from the kitchen area providing a clean and healthy cooking experience. Before you decide to buy one, you must take a proper look at things. Here’s how to calculate kitchen chimney size.

2. Chimney Filters

India is known for its spicy food, and their kitchens use lots of ghee, masalas, and oil while cooking. Baffle filters are considered to be the best because they efficiently separate oil vapors from the spices that are generated during cooking. This is done by baffle filters’ superior ability to exhaust vapors out of the kitchen.

3. Suction Power

Another very important point to consider when choosing a chimney is its suction power. Suction power measures a chimney’s ability to absorb odor and grease/oil particles that are produced while cooking.

The higher the suction power of the chimney, the better its performance. However, this power also depends on your kitchen size. For a small to medium-sized kitchen, a chimney with a suction power of 500 m3/hr to 750 m3/hr is enough. For a larger kitchen, buy one with more than 750 m3/hr.

4. Auto-clean vs Normal Chimney:

A self-cleaning chimney contains an oil collector. It is easier to clean and more durable than a regular chimney. This type of chimney comes with an oil collector that can separate oil from the smoke and fumes. Due to this, it effectively purifies the air in your kitchen, and the auto-clean feature helps to maintain your chimney at a lower cost.

5. Design & Price:

Make sure to choose the right type of chimney for your kitchen. If you want a conventional chimney (Straight line chimney), you will need stainless steel and straight-line models. Contemporary chimneys (Hooded chimneys) are expensive and redefine the style, thus enhancing the interior of your kitchen.


I hope that you understood whether you should go with the Hood Chimney vs Straight Line Chimney Models. Just make sure to take all of these things into consideration while buying a chimney for your kitchen.

Kitchen chimneys have become a very important part of the kitchen, just like microwave ovens. We tried to list out all the important factors that you must consider while choosing the best kitchen chimney for your home.

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