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Lung Cancer Treatment and Surgery in Hyderabad

If you wonder how lung cancer is spread in the body? Then a cancerous cell in one of the lungs damages the internal parts. As a result, it causes commotion in breathing, coughing, and weight loss. In addition to this, the patients also experience headaches and coughing blood. Thus, its signs and symptoms appear to be deadly. At the same time, there are various treatments available for lung cancer. Besides, the cancer hospital in Hyderabad offers surgery treatment for lung cancer. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take treatment on time; if not, it increases your risk factors. 

People experienced weakness and fatigue during the treatment just because they wasted prestigious time for treatment. 

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How is lung cancer caused?

You experienced the symptoms of lung cancer yet, don’t know the cause of cancer. However, the doctor/oncologist will elaborate on all the reasons for cancer. In case you wish to know what can be the cause of lung cancer, then the following are the legit reasons:

  • The cancer is caused due to adverse smoking and drinking.
  • Experts say radioactive gas also causes lung cancer. 
  • Alcohol consumption beyond tolerance levels damages the internal organ.
  • Medical history.
  • Consumption of heavy metals such as cadmium and selenium.

What kind of treatment can I expect for lung cancer?

Lung cancer can bring a discomforting feeling. However, it is essential to take immediate treatment before it’s too late. Thus, cancer hospitals in Hyderabad have a provision of dynamic treatment for killing cancerous lung cells. Following are the treatment:

  • Surgery: Lung cancer is diagnosed at the severe stage, where surgery is the only option. Thus surgery is the primary treatment available for lung cancer. Besides, the surgery is performed by the surgeon/oncologist. During the operation, the doctor removes the lung tumor or transplants a new organ. 
  • Chemotherapy: This therapy is the primary treatment option for cancer. Chemotherapy may be given before or after the surgery. And it also happens that few patients can’t go through surgery, then chemotherapy becomes a savior. 
  • Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is used to kill cancerous cells. It helps in stopping the growth of dead cells. 
  • Palliative treatment: It is used at different stages and might be given to for various conditions. 
  • Follow-up and medication: Apart from therapies and surgery, the doctor will recommend a routine check-up. It helps to monitor that cancerous cells are not developed. 

What to expect after the treatment/surgery?

The cancer is not resolved in one go. There are therapies, treatment and follow-ups. Just after the surgery, the doctor will suggest many elements. In some cases, the doctor may suggest running a few tests. Following are the things you can expect after the treatment/surgery:

  • The doctor will provide a treatment surgery and medical file of your procedure for the treatment. 
  • Diagnostic tests need to be done. 
  • Medications and drug therapy for lung cancer.
  • A follow-up routine check-up to monitor the cancerous cells. 
  • Cancer care service for lung cancer.
  • A support group to discuss developmental health.
  • The treatment plan for recovering from the surgery.
  • Medications for managing the side effects.
  • Proper diet plan during the recovery period.
  • Health advice and food to avoid during the recovery period.

Thus following things you can expect from a cancer hospital in Hyderabad. However, it is essential to follow the doctor’s medical advice and guidelines. 

What if cancer returns?

It rarely happens that cancer returns after heavy surgery. Therefore the doctor suggests a follow-up check-up once in a while to monitor the cancerous cells. For your information, the cancer cells are not destroyed in single sessions. Instead, their DNA needs to be destroyed. Yet, in some cases, it happens that the cancerous cells are regenerated. Thus this is how cancer reincarnates. 

It is nothing to worry about if cancer returns, as it is natural. Besides, there are various treatments and surgical operations available. All you need to do is visit a cancer hospital in Hyderabad. Explain your signs and symptoms for the same; the doctor will proceed with the treatment. 

The doctor may suggest chemotherapy, radiation or drug therapy to treat the condition. During this time, it is essential to enhance your health and increase your strength. 

Lung cancer surgery procedure

Lung cancer is devastating, especially when it is in its last stage. However, surgery becomes a savior. A thoracotomy is offered to treat lung cancer. During the procedure, a surgical incision is done in the chest. It is also performed to confirm the diagnosis of lung cancer. The doctor will remove the cancerous cells/part from the lungs. However, there are three types of thoracotomy, including segmentectomy, lobectomy, and pneumonectomy. 

In lobectomy, the lung is removed to stop the cancer cells. Besides, segmentectomy involves the removal of wedge-shaped pieces of lung tissue. 

When cancer becomes severe, pneumonectomy becomes useful. The oncologist performs it in extreme conditions. 

Besides, the treatment for small cell lung cancer involves therapies which the doctor recommends. The therapies include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and drug therapy. In fact, in some cases, the doctor suggests a combination of both therapies for better results. However, the patient has to follow a routine check-up to monitor the cancerous cells. 

Cancer can cause life-threatening severe symptoms. It kills your internal organs. Thus, it becomes necessary to monitor your health as the cases of lung cancer are increasing rapidly. Smoking and drinking habits are the simple reasons for this. If you are looking for the treatment and procedure under one roof, the cancer hospital in Hyderabad has it all. Book your consultation with the doctor and confirm your health conditions. 

Credihealth benefits-

For more information about the treatment and surgery, call on +91 8010-994-994. If you discover the side effects after the surgery, consult with the doctors at a cancer hospital in Hyderabad. The hospitals are the healthcare partner with Credihealth. We provide you with a flexible platform for all your health conditions. If you want an advance care plan for your condition, consult with the doctor. The doctors are available for video consultations. 

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