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How to Disable PowerPoint VBA Project Password? Best Two Method

Are you also seeking methods to disable PowerPoint VBA project password? Do you want to unlock .pptm files? Are you trying to find a free approach to do the same task? If your answer is affirmative, be sure to keep checking this site. In this blog article, we’ll cover a variety of methods for swiftly erasing the password from a PowerPoint VBA file.

User Query;

Some of the queries posed by Microsoft users include these. We collected these from different social networking websites. Let’s examine them:

“Hello, because I own a business, one of my clients has given me a POTM file with all the relevant information. So, in order to protect that POTM, I added a VBA password. However, I can’t recall the VBA password for that specific file. And now I’m in a horrible jam since my client doesn’t have a backup of the POTM file. Please advise me on how to disable PowerPoint VBA project password. I’m grateful for it.”

As a result, we shall discuss the automated method in the second section. Users may use it to respond to this kind of query. then go on to discover the manual solution in the section that follows.

Disable PowerPoint VBA Project Password by Automatic Method

The 4n6 VBA Password Remover Tool is one of the best ways available to disable PowerPoint VBA project password. This application was particularly designed by experts to get beyond PowerPoint’s VBA security. The Excel and Word VBA passwords are also removed. This resource is also risk-free, safe, and easy to use.

Note: If you want to know more about this professional software, so click on this link: Unlock PowerPoint VBA Project Password

Features of Disable VBA Project Password Software

  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint VBA password recovery is supported.
  • Customers may get access to a single locked VBA file or an entire folder full of them.
  • When a new password is generated by the application, the old one is automatically removed.
    works with Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Password length resets are fully supported.
  • VBA password removal for .potm and .pptm files.
  • Includes support for resetting passwords on a wide variety of file formats, including Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Open Office documents.
  • Gives a detailed summary of the software’s progress. Can extract passwords from .docm, .dot, and .xlsm macro forms.
  • Unlock .xlt, .xls, and .xlsm files with this VBA Excel Password Remover Tool.
    disable PowerPoint VBA project password

Delete Password from PowerPoint VBA Project Password by Manually

  1. In order to remove the VBA password from a file, you must first find that file.
  2. After you have changed the file extension, press the “Enter” key.
  3. After renaming the file, you may access it with a double-click on its icon.
  4. You may find the “vbaproject.bin” file within the “XL” directory.
  5. To see the extracted file, you must switch to the Hex editor.
    To get the answer, type in CMG=…., DPB=…., or GC=…
    Afterward, switch them out for CMGx=…., DPBx=…., and Gcx=…
  6. If you’ve made any changes to the file, be sure to save it before quitting the Hex editor.
  7. Replace the current archive with the contents of the most recent file by pasting them into the archive.
  8. To complete this, rename the .zip file to the desired extension.

Limitation of Manual Solutions

These steps are included in the manual process. Using this method, a PowerPoint VBA password may become invalid. However, this manual process takes a long time and is tedious. Additionally, non-technical users have several difficulties while wiping the VBA password due to the method’s relative complexity. As a consequence, we suggest using specialized software. The professional tool, which we will explain in the section following this, has a simple user interface and securely disable PowerPoint VBA project password.


In the blog article above, we discussed many ways to disable PowerPoint VBA project password. The VBA password may be removed using any of the aforementioned methods. So, we’ll suggest that you use a professional approach to unlock the data.

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