Is Your Outlook Stopped Receiving Emails? Let’s Find an Efficient Solution

Searching for the solution for Outlook Stopped Receiving Emails. This is the right place. Outlook manages all of the features like emails, tasks, contacts, and much more efficiently. But some of the time when you are working with Outlook you can face your Outlook stops receiving emails. This is because of not taking care of the storage of Outlook. Outlook only supports the 2 GB of space initially. But after some time it was extended to 20 GB. Now it is 50 GB. When the Outlook storage is getting full then you may face this error.

Relevant Issues That Also Take Place

You can face different relevant issues that also occur. They will affect your data in a bad manner. Explore some significant issues.

  • You can face errors while using Outlook like the search filter is not working.
  • Outlook doesn’t open some of the functionalities. They stop working.
  • Outlook performance is getting down. It is not performing as it can. It becomes lazy.
  • All of the functionality will be affected. The functions of Outlook do not work properly.

All of these are the major problems that may arise. Many more bad effects can occur on Outlook. Let’s find a way to handle this problem.

Sorting Out the Outlook Stopped Receiving Emails Problem

After examining the effects of this problem, you are having two options to deal with this problem. One is the manual solution and the next is the Professional solution. A manual solution is not a better approach as compared to a Professional solution. There are multiple reasons behind this. Some of them are data security and advanced filters. The manual solution is not providing data security. Data can be lost. The advanced filter is not there. But the Professional approach takes care of all that limitations. It provides advanced filters and data security as well.

Manual Solution to Come Out of This Problem

It is the solution that is implemented by the Outlook options. It should be followed by the proper focus. The manual key is also further divided into different methods. Explore each method.

  1. Archive Method
    Just follow some steps and your data will be archived. It makes some space in storage to receive emails.
  • Use the CleanUp Tools option.
  • Do the Archive and select the required date.
  • Tick the Archive this folder and subfolders checkbox.

outlook stopped receiving emails

  • Choose Browse to search for the file destination and Ok.

2. Import and Export Method
You can just follow some steps and export your all data. Use the new data file to store data again.

  • Go to the Data Files and then Add a new file in Account Settings.
  • After that hit on Open & Export and then
  • Choose the Export to a file, hit .pst file, and next
  • Tick the relevant options.
  • Finish the process after, Browse the location of the file.

After sorting both of the manual solutions either it is archive or export method. There is an issue with them. Both are not providing security to the data. Data can be lost during the process. Both methods are also not having any advanced filters so you can do the process as per your requirements. All of the steps should be performed in a sequential manner to get the task done. Let’s see the Professional solution. How it can overcome all of the limits of manual solutions?

Professional Solution to Get Better Outcomes

It is a recommended solution. This solution is possible with the help of the SysTools PST Splitter tool. You can choose any option from date, year, folder, email, and so on to split your PST file. This tool is easily integrated with all versions of Outlook. Easily work with a large data set. This can perform the process without compromising data security. It will definitely solve the issue of Outlook stopped receiving emails easily. Just go with these steps.

  • Run the tool.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Add the file using the required options Add File, Add Folder, Search.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Open the selected file.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Select Remove to drop a single file or Remove All to drop all files.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Do Browse to select the location of the resulting file and Next.
    outlook stopped receiving emails
  • Select split options from size, date, year, category, email id, and folder.
  • Finalize the file size and Next.
    outlook stopped receiving emails


After inspecting both of the solutions. Manual and Professional You can conclude that a manual solution is having so many issues. The manual solution is not taking care of data safety. It is also not providing advanced filters to filter out the data. A manual approach is not recommended. The professional approach is recommended because it provides all of the advanced filters to filter out the data and data security as well during the process. Now the query of Outlook stopped receiving emails is solved.

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