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5 Easy steps to plan a trip to Nashville

Easy steps to plan a trip to Nashville

If you are searching for information related to how to make an easy trip to Nashville, then read this write-up! Famous for music lovers, the city can be visited to spend a weekend in Nashville. Be it a long weekend or a holiday weekend, Nashville offers still just three or four days. There are many things which you can do here. 


In addition, you can plan a week to spend in Tennessee, and do a few day trips to nearby cities. However, some people prefer visiting Memphis, Knoxville, or Gatlinburg.


In case, you only have one day to spend in Nashville, make a city tour in a shorter amount of time with Spirit Airlines booking.


Below are some tips which will get you an easy trip to Nashville:


1. Places to Stay in Nashville


On a trip to Nashville, stay downtown so that you get easy access to Nashville nightlife. The city has many great live performances in Music City. Enjoy with easily walk around and enjoy the center of the city is wonderful. The city has many hotels to stay in, however, the boutique Fairlane Hotel, is a fabulous retro-modern hotel with serious Mad Men vibes. Here, enjoys the Nashville breakfast spot, with the Bagel Café. This hotel is located in the building, and Ellington’s Restaurant & Bar is on the fourth floor.


2. How to Get Everywhere in Nashville


People seeking a mix of walking, driving, and Uber, can get around during the time in Nashville. There are taxis and Lyft available if you prefer those to Uber. Also, some important Nashville sites, like the Grand Ole Opry, are situated outside of the city center.


The city also offers some public transportation. Use the permitted MTA bus service called Music City Circuit to get around. This ride has two routes. Catch the Green Circuit that runs between the Gulch and Bicentennial Mall. Another one is the Blue Circuit which runs between Riverfront Station and the Tennessee State University campus.


Also, there are some fun alternative transportation options in Nashville. You can use pay-and-track electric scooters, bike rentals, pedicabs, and golf carts. However, the most popular way is the taxi to get from the airport to your hotel. 


These are some transports which you can use when in Nashville, so guys book Spirit airlines tickets to trip this city! For More information visit Spirit Official Site.


3. Tips for Driving and Parking in Nashville


Go up to eleven thousand miles driving in Nashville which is a bit more intimidating? If you choose self-driving, then Nashville provides no issues like in big cities like NYC and Philadelphia. The city of Nashville might not be the best place to start, however, there are places were not in the city center or downtown Nashville. So, for those places, you get via a car. So, guys get some excitement in Nashville and rent a car for your trip, I use Discover Cars to rent cars.


4. Be Street Smart and Safety Conscious


Nashville is famous and one of the most visited cities in the US. Famous as the MOST touristed city in America, the city also presents as a sweet country music-themed vacation. So, guys don’t forget to pack your street smarts with spirit airlines flight.


5. What to Eat in Nashville?


Nashville is famous for Nashville Hot Chicken. The city is one of the quintessential biscuit cities in the South; so, spend time in Nashville to be a parade of delicious dishes. Don’t forget to try on a city food tour and learn about what makes the local cuisine special. In this city, you can go on a Nashville: 3-Hour Secret Food Tour. One popular restaurant that must be on the Nashville Bucket List is the Loveless Café.


Here, you will get the experience is one of a kind with truly great food. This famous eatery is located in a former motel. For this, you have to travel by your means. In addition, here you can find varieties of hot biscuits and country ham, so, guys come with an empty stomach.


Nashville is one of the cheapest cities to travel with. However, many airlines fly to Nashville. In addition, you can choose your seat with Spirit Airlines Seat Selection. If take more info Visit Spirit Airlines official Website.

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