Is Whitening Possible for Old Dental Works and Crowns?

Many people worry whether they can undergo teeth whitening on crowns and dental works. The answer to this question is yes, definitely! Only a few limitations can obstruct your specific goals. By addressing them you can achieve the smile of your dreams. So, read this blog and maintain a healthy and bright dental structure.

How whitening actually perform?

You must understand that whitening provides whitening to your teeth’s surface! The active substances (hydrogen peroxide relatives) will seep into the teeth enamel breaking down the dark compounds underneath. As a result, you will notice consistent changing of shades on your teeth surface. Their ability for penetrating into the hard surface of the teeth triggers change in shades making them lighter and brighter than ever.

Whitening is applicable only for teeth

Always try to keep whitening substance in subject to the surface of natural tooth at last for small amount of time. It will make the entice process an integral aspect for overall whitening outcome.

Is dental works and crowns whitening possible?

Unluckily, active whitening components have no power when the dental crown is of porcelain, metal or a combined one. Peroxide chemical is unable to penetrate through the materials. Even if somehow it manages to do so then it will definitely affect the underneath and invisible dental structure. In the end, the process will come up as futile especially for dental crowns.

Teeth whitening can offer marginal success in respect to tooth-coloured dental fillings. Also the success of the treatment relies on the natural dental structure you have. However, you can attain whitening to some extent only on the basis of the position and size of filling.

Many patients opt for teeth whitening treatment for uncovered parts if they have restorations like veneers. For instance, patients having thin porcelain veneer on front teeth can opt for whitening in back (on tongue-side) for obtaining light colour.

Shall a person try teeth whitening while having dental works?

If you haven’t tried dental crowns yet then you must try it once only in case of necessity! It will whiten the teeth and lighten the colour of the tooth structure surrounding the fillings. But don’t use whitening products after having dental works.

The key thing is to understand that dental work will appear darker than ever over time. Actually the surrounded teeth become light in contrast to that of the dark teeth. As a result you will notice the teeth darker than ever.

On noticing any certain difference, you must put an end to the dental work. By this way many patients can happily retain the original teeth colour. But if you want more whitening to the teeth then consult with your dentist in booking an appointment. They will let you know about the colour options available for crown and dental work colour appearance.

Effective ways to whitening dental works and old crowns

In case you want whiter smile than dental works or present crowns then you must consider its replacement. We have numerous patients who have white coloured dental work initially. But now, it appears dingy and flat. Earlier dentist uses whiter and brighter teeth. Now dentists focus on designing artificial smiles with natural-like appearance.

Due to the inception of the whitening of teeth only a small percentage of people found satisfied with the result. They always look forward to brightest ever smile. That’s why you have to replace the existing dental work. With replacement you are just a step away to whiter smile with new work.

What process involves replacement of dental works?

Considering the experience of the patient, dental replacement work is really tough! But it is much identical to that of original dental works. After removing the existing crown and filling the dentist will clean underlying decay and stains. Although local anaesthesia is used mostly yet you can also opt for sedation to experience less pain.

Dental work replacement is not at all dangerous. It is dentist’s ability and precision to execute the task in proper way ensuring proper dental structure.

Is it pricey?

The cost of dental work replacement is similar to that of dental work. But crown is crown and filling is filling. On the basis of state and age of the existing dental work, sometimes you can receive benefits from dental insurance by covering a portion of dental work’s costs.

How to start?

To undergo teeth whitening treatment, visit at to book a free consultation. Our dentist will assess your present condition to recommend most appropriate treatment. By this way only you can achieve the smile of your dreams.

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