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How To Embed Google Reviews On Any Website for Free

Embed Google Reviews – Brand owners who want to grow their business are more and more interested in finding ways to show that their current customers are happy with their products.

Statistics show that prospective buyers examine things online and read reviews before deciding whether to buy them. Statistics show that about 80% of consumers research products online before making a decision.

If you want to start, but you’re not sure where to begin, then we’ll show you how to use the finest way in this post so you can quickly embed google reviews on website.


Make your way till the end of this post as we will be telling you about the procedure, however, go through the best tools that can help you with the process in the section below. 


Utilize These Tools To Integrate Google Reviews On Your Websites


  • Taggbox Widget 

A quick and effective social media aggregation tool called Taggbox Widget enables users to gather content from many social media platforms, including Google reviews. While gathering reviews, users have the choice of selecting their preferred source.


Users can get feedback from places or via their Google My Business account. A number of options are available in the Taggbox widget that can be used by users to enhance the performance of the Google reviews widget.


The tool offers users a range of customization options for enhancing the widget’s appearance and visibility.


To make the Taggbox widget more aesthetically pleasing, users can alter a variety of options like themes, fonts, colors, layouts, and backgrounds. Prior to being posted on the internet, content must be reviewed for quality since this enables users to remove any redundant text. With the help of the profanity filter built into Taggbox, users can edit or delete any offensive or undesired and fake reviews from the widget.


Once it has been published, users can monitor the Google review widget’s statistics. They may gather information on user involvement, the widget’s total exposures. And other factors in order to evaluate the widget’s effectiveness. Along with a specialized back-end support crew, instant automated upgrades are also offered by the Taggbox widget tool. 


  • Elfsight

Elfsight, a responsive social media aggregation tool enables users to gather and submit reviews to their own websites and is the second option on the list. The widget editor’s extensive customization tools allow platform users to find the ideal fit for their requirements.


Additionally, they can see a preview of the widget before it is published on the website. Overall, this tool is perfect for businesses wishing to quickly incorporate Google Reviews into their chosen websites since it completes the embedding process quite enough in a few clicks.


How Can Google Reviews Be Included On A Website?


Step 1: Open your chosen tool and log in to create a Google Review Widget

The first step after making your decision is to log into the tool. Most tools offer a free trial period for brand-new users. Start by creating a free account and using the tool. You’ll be directed to the tool’s dashboard.


Choose Google as your content aggregation source, then click Create Feed after choosing your source and entering your data. In a little while, the widget editor will display the combined Google reviews.


Step 2: Personalize and moderate the content 

After compiling all of the feeds, you should improve the Google review widget’s visual appeal. You will have alternatives available to you based on the tool you choose. This is a crucial stage since it gives you the chance to improve the widget’s overall look and visibility.


Second, you can have the choice to control the data by removing unnecessary data from the widget. By doing this, you can be confident that the information you give is of the highest potential.


Step 3: Copy the embed code and paste it into the Google Review Widget on your website

You’ll be prepared to start the embedding procedure once you’ve finished customizing and content moderation areas. You can select the website building platform you use by clicking the Publish button.


The embed code must then be pasted into the appropriate box after you register into your account. Choose the layout or webpage where the Google reviews should appear. When you’ve saved the changes, the process will be complete!


Ending Note 

We’ve reached the end of the guide, and you now know all the steps involved in using the best tools to quickly embed Google reviews on your website.


You’ll be impressed at how well your website works. And just how much your business grows if you implement this strategy right away!

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