Nexxt Kronos 301 Signal Booster Mobile Setup Guide in Easy Steps

The Kronos 301 signal booster from Nexxt is a three in one device designed to operate as a repeater, access point, and router. It effectively optimized the existing router signal by eliminating the dead zone of your area. The compelling signal booster is simple to set up. It delivers a throughput of around 300 MBps to optimize your home network. The wall-plug design of the mesh repeater lets you locate in open areas. It saves the hardware and wiring cost. The LED strength light on the face of the repeater will offer you the best location for the users to experience an optimized internet connection. In addition, it offers you to roam freely and retains the internet speed without any loss. 

The lightweight and small design allow you to install straight into the AC plug. You can stream videos, music, and surf the internet on the spot seamlessly. It is a wireless repeater, but it also delivers wired connectivity as it is equipped with two ethernet ports on the bottom. Now we will tell you the tips on how you can set up the Nexxt Kronos 301 wireless signal booster with the use of a mobile or tablet.

Nexxt Kronos 301 Signal Booster Mobile Setup Instructions

The Nexxt repeater supports any OS. It needs only a browser to set up. We recommend you to use IE, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. Evade using Google Chrome. Try to do Nexxt setup by standing online. In addition, evade joining the ethernet wire straight to the PC. You need a mobile or tablet. Now go after the setup steps of the Nexxt repeater

Firstly, assure that the AC switch is located where you want to install the Kronos 301 device. Now join the Nexxt device to the AC plug. If the Kronos 301 device is not turned on after plugging it into the AC switch, then thumb down the ON button. Secondly, proceed to the WiFi network settings on your mobile phone or tablet. The network name with Nexxt_XXXXXX is available. The XXXXXX is the last digit of the Kronos 301 MAC address. Once you have found the network, it will demand you to fill in the WiFi network passphrase. The default passphrase is 12345678. It will also be mentioned in the Kronos 301 label. 

Web Interface Configuration For Kronos 301 Signal Booster

Thirdly, the web browser will open by itself. If it does not, then open the browser manually and typewrite the default IP address in the explore box. Hit enter and the new interface will present. Type the credentials on username and passphrase as admin and tap login. Once you pass the login page, the setup wizard opens. Next, click the first option name with the Repeater Wizard. You will be progressed to the point where it detects the WiFi signals located nearby. When the scanning process is completed, a table with a list of available WiFi networks will be presented on the interface. See for the one you wish to extend and tap it. It will ask you to type the WiFi network passphrase in the key section. At last, tap the save icon and it will progress you to do the configuration. 

But if the web interface does not open, then you should try to unplug from the AC joint and plug it again. Check that you are using a compatible browser and history, as well as cache, should be cleared. Also, check the Kronos 301 firmware update. If available, then install it. If nothing works, then reset the repeater.


I bought this extender from the local store. To my knowledge, Nexxt is a good brand. I installed it in my room and tried to set it up with Chrome. But the website does not work. Then I tried the default browser of my tablet and it worked. The setup is pretty straightforward. I feel the internet speed it delivers is not claimed by the Nexxt solutions. But I did not expect even half the speeds the company claims. The LED strength indicator on the front of the repeater will help me to find the perfect spot. 

The biggest advantage of this extender is the wall-plug design. You can install it in open areas too with an AC plug. It saves the hardware and wiring cost. It is a wireless repeater, but it also gives wired connectivity as it is implemented with two ethernet ports on the bottom. Except for the speed, a good extender can be purchased at this effective price.

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