Questions to Answer Before You Get a Call Center Quality Assurance Software

Quality assurance and management have become a mainstay for organizations of every kind. Delivering optimum quality output to the end customers and clients has no substitute. The same goes with a contact center business too. Assuring quality communication with the customers ensures better output and satisfaction. To maintain a top-level output, call center quality assurance software becomes a necessity. And practically, there are a number of QA software for call centers that you can get in the market. However, what matters most is going for the most effective option.


This calls for a special set of considerations, a few questions that you need to know the answers to before settling for the perfect call center quality assurance software. Take a read further!


  1. Is the QA software for contact centers ready to handle a multi-channel network?


Most of the call centers and BPO companies these days have a multi-channel network. However, the problem lies with the fact that not every call center QA software is multi-channel ready. Such software can be implemented on either calls, emails, chats, or social media, but not on-off that together.


So, your job here is to look for software that can be implemented on multiple platforms and not as a standalone. This way, you won’t have to have multiple contact center QA software for the multiple channels you have for communications.


  1. Is the reporting extensive?


The most basic purpose of a call center quality assurance software is to provide detailed insights. So, software like no or little insights is of no use. You need the software to have the ability to create and even analyze reports to implement any kind of changes in your performance or even improve the performance.


Now, suppose you don’t get a QA software that fits the bit completely. In that case, it must at least be able to analyze any specific skills of the agents and create a filterable report with the various call center metrics and other forms of analytics.


  1. Can you foresee any positive results?


Foreseeing software output based on the features is easier than you think. For example, find a contact center QA software that can highlight the best agents based on analytics and reporting of their performance. You should already get the idea that it can help you train the agents that aren’t performing well.


However, the same software will not be able to provide a filtered view of the metrics that the agents excel or fail in. So, your data for training the agents will not be very comprehensive.


  1. Is the data enough for your trainers and coaches?


This is an important question to ask. Your trainers and coaches are the frontrunners for imparting the right training to the agents who need refresher courses if they fail to perform as expected. So, the call center quality assurance software should be able to offer your trainers a comprehensive report about the agents’ performance and the specific metrics that they excel or fail in.


This ensures that your trainers have ample data on how to improve the performance of the agents who need extra attention.


  1. Is real-time feedback possible with the chosen call center quality assurance software?


Real-time feedback adds a different feel to performance enhancement, regardless of how much reporting you get with a call center QA tool. While comprehensive data analytics and reporting can be great material for trainers, real-time monitoring is great for improving the agents’ performance at that very moment.


Real-time feedback works more effectively since the agents already have their shortcomings and mistakes fresh in their heads. Plus, it gives them a chance to rectify the mistake quickly and proactively.


  1. What kind of QA score categorization do you get with the software?


Though not a lot of businesses consider this yet, categorization of the QA scores is important. The categorizations come in handy for diversified analytics and reporting. You have to look for a call center quality assurance software that has the option to make multiple categorizations, which could include groups, teams, countries, channels, supervisors, departments, interaction type, etc. Each of these categories will give you a better view of the reports based on the specific filters.


  1. Is external party access possible?


While this may sound like a security breach, it is actually highly essential. There are high chances that a call center may have clients who want to check and verify the performance of the agents who are working for their project.


Under such a condition, it is important for you to choose a call center quality assurance software that offers the option to provide access to parties outside your organization without compromising on security. Also, the user-friendly of such a tool in terms of the analytics dashboard is an important consideration too.


  1. Can everyone in your organization use the software tool?


You might think that only your quality agents, supervisors, and managers would be using the quality assurance software for call centers; however, the truth is something else. The management-level staff isn’t the only employees who would use the QA tool. The thumb rule that you can follow is that if the software does not work for everyone, it does not work at all.


The primary group of people who would be using the reports and analytics is your stakeholders. So, before you make the decision, make sure they are in the loop. You have to ensure that the tool works well for everyone, the senior management, clients, and even the coaches.


The Last Summary


Choosing a QA tool has a very different set of considerations than HR software, basically of the difference in the department, operations, and processes. Once you consider these questions and have answers pertaining to the software, you will end up making a better decision of which one to choose.


Choosing a call center quality assurance software is not easy, especially because the entire quality and output depend on it. Your performance in the project would depend largely on the performance of the software. Software developers and vendors, like Omind Technologies, are best known for their comprehensive options with extensive features. Get a quote, try them!

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