Satta Matka – The Biggest Gamble in India

Satta Matka, or simply satta, is a form of matka gambling game that originated in India, where it’s still currently the most popular game played today. It also goes by the name of kabaddi and has many variants depending on the region. In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of Satta Matka and how you can use it to make money from home . We’ll also show you how to play Satta Matka online , which makes it easier than ever to start playing from anywhere in the world!

Satta Matka (सत्ता मटका) is the biggest gamble in India, and it has been around since time immemorial. But what exactly is Satta Matka? It’s a game of betting on different numbers (ranging from 1 to 100), and depending on how much you bet, you get different rates of return. Satta Matka is the biggest gamble in India, with thousands of people trying their luck every day to win big amounts of money and make their lives better. Satta Matka or matka game can be traced back to the 18th century in India, and even now it attracts many people all over the country, mostly due to its high payouts and easy entry requirements. So what exactly is Satta Matka and how does it work? Let’s find out!

Selecting Numbers

It is very important to choose your number with care. It should not have so many 0’s and 5’s. Also, there should be no repeating number in a row or sequence (e.g., if you choose 4 as your satta number, avoid using it again until at least 9th draw). Finally, avoid opting for single digit numbers or double digit numbers unless you are totally confident that they will hit on that particular day. Single digits tend to come more often than double digits.

If you do decide to go for single digits, try picking them from 1-9 instead of choosing 0 or 5 as your first option. You can also opt for lucky numbers like 7, 8 and 9 which are considered good luck by most people in India. These three lucky numbers can help bring you some extra profit along with hitting frequently. However, remember that these three numbers only work when combined with other winning numbers. Do not select them alone because then they will not give you any benefit whatsoever.

Where to Play

If you want to play satta matka game then there are two main cities where you will find lots of support for betting on satta. These are Delhi and Mumbai. There are many websites which provide services to bettors. One can go through these websites and place bets according to their convenience. There is no restriction on age or gender when it comes to playing satta matka online or in real life. In fact, even women can play it without any restrictions. One needs a little bit of knowledge about numbers, chances etc before placing a bet online or offline.

Tips and Tricks

Like any form of gambling, whether legal or illegal, you can be sure that there are tricks to making satta matka win every time. But if you’re just starting out, it’s advisable to avoid following these tips until you know what you’re doing. One thing is for sure though: don’t believe anyone who claims that they have a special set of numbers or methods for winning at satta matka 100% of the time!

Luck Matters

One of the best-kept secrets about betting on matka (or satta) is that it’s all about luck. Yes, you can increase your chances with a little bit of research and insight, but at its core satta is just a game of chance and you’re going to win or lose based purely on whether Lady Luck smiles upon you. So how do you get lucky? Well, for starters, avoid getting greedy; there’s no point risking too much money when your aim is simply to have fun. The second suggestion is not to put all your eggs in one basket. spread out your bets across different numbers so that if one number doesn’t come up then you still have others to fall back on. And finally: be realistic!


Satta matka or betting is illegal in India and hence I do not recommend to bet on any of your Satta number. This is my personal experience and thought process which can help you if you are really into it and understand that you might lose every penny. Good luck! The biggest game in India is Satta Matka, with huge cash flow, you have very high chances of making money. The game is played by a very simple concept, first of all let me tell you what exactly satta matka means: In Hindi sattamatka means hundred rupees, so basically its an Indian version of lotto game. Now let me tell you how it works?

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