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How to Coordinate Style, Color, and More with Custom Jewelry

Mixing and matching your fine jewelry is all part of the fun as you express yourself with varying designs. A brand with custom jewelry options can help you stay in control of your collection while providing endless combinations to help you style and restyle your look. You can select everything from the metal color to the total carat weight of the diamond for a personal touch that makes each piece special. The best brands can even do this while working with a budget.

Whether you want to layer necklaces or bracelets for a special event or just to capture your mood and style for the day, your fine jewelry is your chance to express yourself. Get ready to combine your custom favorites and stay in charge of your look.

Stay in Control with Custom Jewelry Options

Investing in custom jewelry lets you stay in control while you build your personal collection of fine jewelry. Be sure that the fine jewelry brand you choose offers a diverse selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The best brands will allow you to select the metal color and even add a complimentary engraving. When determining which classic round halo engagement ring you want, make sure the brand will let you choose the total carat weight and clarity of the diamond. Ensure that all of the diamonds used are ethically sourced to ensure each piece is both responsibly made and dazzling in nature.

Mix and Match with Gold, Silver, and Rose

The metal colors you pick should let you enjoy matching details or contrasts for statement looks that let you stay creative and in charge. The pieces should be handcrafted with ethically sourced precious metals as well. Seek out 14K and 18K gold and top-quality platinum to ensure each design is durable and forever-lasting. This key factor makes it so you don’t have to sacrifice quality when customizing your small hoop earrings to yellow, white, or rose gold. You can try pairing them with your diamond pendant or rings in the same metal hue or vary the colors to create a striking statement. Try layering varying chains and pendants around your neck in yellow gold and rose gold for a luminous display that’s sure to catch anyone’s attention.

Determine the Style, Mood, or Event

You can elevate your look with a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand that provides designer-quality jewelry without the designer markups. The brand should offer handcrafted pieces in a wide range of classic designs that can help you create varying looks. You may build diamond combinations with a tennis bracelet or dangling earrings for a radiant look or go with studs and a statement necklace for a day at work when you want to enjoy a sophisticated ensemble. Consider your wardrobe, calendar, and style to determine what you want to add to your collection when trying different pairings, depending on your mood. Find a brand that offers 3D every-angle-views online so you can see every detail. Some even have try-at-home programs so you can test out replicas in the comfort of your home and find your favorites. Enjoy endless combinations with gorgeous custom jewelry that meets your design preferences and beyond.

About Verlas

Verlas believes you shouldn’t be making sacrifices when it comes to your jewelry. The direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand offers a diverse range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Founded by Nidhi S. Dangayach and Nityani Riziya, industry experts, Verlas uses ethically sourced diamonds and raw materials throughout their collection. The Verlas Studios are RJC certified and led by a team of female Master Artisans who handcraft each piece in an environment that abides by international labor laws. Whether you pick out small hoop earrings or a classic round halo engagement ring, you get to avoid the designer markups without sacrificing quality, style, or comfort. Verlas offers a Try-at-Home program for when you want to test out replicas from the comfort of your home, and you can also enjoy their 3D Every-Angle-View online.

Coordinate your custom jewelry with Verlas at

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