Presentation folders can hold more than just Promotional Materials

Presentation folders have been in use for a long time. They are helpful for marketing a business and for keeping things in order in office space. Even common people use these for school and college reports or keeping photos.

Even though they have been in the marketing industry for so long, many business owners have not given any thought to getting one for their company. If you do not have one, it is high time you got one right now. The best way of marketing anything would be to interact with your target audience directly.

Creativity in Customisation

But any simple folder will not guarantee success or boost in your business. It needs to be unique and must compliment your business. Standing out and being unique is the way to succeed in this competitive market. That is where personalised presentation folders come into play.

When you think about personalised folders, the usual things that come to mind will be the design on the covers. But the design elements should not be limited to the front cover. You are welcome to try things you feel are right for your folder. This includes designing the pockets in the interior. You could even print on the folder interior. There are folder brochures that do have text and images printed on the inner pages and pockets.

More than Paper

Usually, a4 presentation folders are used to hold printed materials. They can help with the storage of brochures, reports, case studies, posters, and more. The standard A4 folders come with two pockets to keep this information with the minimal design, too. But with the advancements in the presentation folder printing industry, businesses are looking for new trends every day.

Folder printing is changing day after day with new printing materials and techniques. Some of the few printing innovations include raised UV and digital foiling. Both of these have been rising in demand as they give a refined look at the folder. Even though foiling has been in use for a few years, digital technology has made it more efficient and elegant.

Apart from printed promotional material, you can customise the personalised folders to carry other things too. You can make these changes in both A4 and A5 folders. Also, it should be noted that you can opt for different folders to carry different materials. A few of these can be seen below.

Digital Media

What if I told you can incorporate both online marketing campaigns with folder printing? Yes, you read that right! These days more money is being spent on online advertising than ever before. Businesses and owners take extra care in building up an online presence to reach more of their target audience.

Presentation folder printing allows you to add digital media like CDs and DVDs to your personalised folders. There can be specially made inserts to store them in a safe manner. Make sure these are glued folders and not the interlocking kind, to ensure the safety of the media drives.

Apart from these, people are using QR codes in their folders as well. If you are using a special folder for a sales promotion, you could add the QR code linked to the company website near the contact information.

Business cards

Talking about contact information, these are usually placed at the bottom end of the back cover of A4 folders. But the new way of sharing your company contact is much better. Business card slots can be added to custom folders. This way, the reader can separate the contact info and does not have to carry the entire folder around.

Press Releases

Communication with the press and media is very important to get your new products and services out there. That is why most businesses have press kits. With a personalised presentation folder, you can add press releases along with the folder itself. You can even assign a separate custom folder for this purpose.

Sales and corporate folders

The contents of the sales folders should be entirely different from the folder that you carry to a board meeting. Data-rich documents like sales reports or annual sales charts will never generate interest for a potential customer. They would want to know more about the products and their specifications. Sales folders must have flyers and brochures which are interesting and informative at the same time.

Notepads and Merchandise

This is a great addition, especially in folders that are taken to events as the customer meets and trade shows. The merchandise can include things like key chains, notepads, and pens with your brand name or logo on them. You can learn about more merchandise from a good marketing expert. The folder printing service can also help you with this if they have previous experience with such folders.


Even though these custom inserts and pockets can be added to folders, their placement is very crucial. These have to be placed strategically at specific points, which will attract the attention of the reader. Also, you can add custom finishes like foiling or UV lamination to add texture to them.

For folders printing, we offer such material printed on quality Gloss Cover stock. You no longer have to worry about your tool’s durability. It can withstand the heat of the competition that you are in as well as any type of weather condition. Our comprehensive folder printing services can save you time and money, providing you with folders that are glued, made up and ready to use right away. Using our different cutting forms, we also print self-assembly tab folders that are delivered flat to make them easier to store. These save space and are ideal for using as and when you need them.

A5 Presentation folder prove to be a great companion for your sales and marketing team to win negotiations and close deals.Choose from unique templates of colours, sizes, design, thickness, finishing and lamination options that suit your branding. Easy to carry, take your tailored A5 presentation folders to business events, a client meet or training sessions for maximum impact. Send us your business logo, images/artwork, and our in-house team of designers will see to your requirements with a fast turnaround time.

Streamline your marketing campaign with well-organised space for all your marketing referrals. With advanced printing technology at our disposal, we ensure that the look of your folder is colour accurate, and crisp for it to be displayed in exhibitions and events. Catch the attention of your readers with premium looking folders wherever you go. Save more with our extensive range of personalised presentation folders that can get ready and shipped in a fast turnaround time.

Are you looking for custom Presentation Folder Printing in the UK? We offer an exclusive range of custom presentation folders like landscape, square, interlocking folders and many more. We have different types of presentation folders for your business. Book your order for the presentation folder today!

Folders are one of the most commonly found documents in any office environment and educational institutes. Not only are they a useful document in the office but they also serve as a great promotional tool for any business organization.

Along with letterheads and business cards, personalised folders go a long way in establishing your brand. In educational institutes they bring in uniformity to various activities.

Whatever you choose for your presentation, the use of any kind of personalised folders should be a choice you will not regret. You are presenting not only yourself, but your project as well.

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