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Soda Pop Graphics – Guiding You Toward A Successful Online Presence

Soda Pop Graphics guidance towards success

I Have A Business … Now What??

Don’t laugh … many business owners have that “deer in the headlights” look when you start asking questions about their online  presence and how it can contribute to overall business success and monetary growth. We help you. Soda Pop Graphics offer free consultations to our clients. Let’s face it – you’ve already done your due diligence up to this point:

  • conducted market research to make sure your “idea” can be a successful business
  • wrote your business plan
  • acquired funding to back your business
  • picked your business location (or domain name and hosting plan; if not, we can help you there!)
  • picked your business name
  • registered your business
  • obtained federal and state tax IDs

If you haven’t already come up with your internet marketing plan while writing your business plan, there’s no time like the present to get it done. Your company’s internet presence will be essential for its success, so the sooner you map it out, the more quickly you can begin to reap the benefits (see Business Development below).

Business Development with Soda Pop Graphics

Sounds daunting, right? If you’re not quite sure where to begin, let SPG help you. We offer free consultations to our clients because we know you have questions that need to be answered before deciding in which direction to take your business in order to be successful. After analyzing your business to gain a better knowledge of what services you offer compared to other industry leaders, we effectively utilize brand marketing to grow business recognition.

Strategizing with Soda Pop Graphics

The dynamic team at Soda Pop Graphics has developed excellent strategies that offer a variety of solutions and services that can be catered to the specific needs of your brand and business market for success. Don’t be beat by your competitors!

Everything Done In-House

Soda Pop Graphics offers 100% custom designs with full-service marketing (internet and print materials). Unlike many other marketing firms, all of our business is conducted in-house; we don’t subcontract so we have hand’s-on everything at all times. Check out to see what an all-inclusive, full-service internet marketing agency looks like. Consult with the expert staff at Soda Pop Graphics for help meeting your internet marketing and print material needs.


Forget YOLO – Let’s Talk Logo! Ahhh yes, this is where the fun begins. One of Soda Pop Graphic’s specialties is brand identity. First up? A unique logo that represents your business. Our talented and experienced team of graphic designers spare nothing when creating visual masterpieces. We work closely with our clients when designing the logo that is going to be your trademark visual … brand reppin’ at its finest!

Websites, Domains and Hosting

Need a website? Not sure about your hosting options? Instead of trying to piece-meal your online presence by “subcontracting” other companies for your website, domain, and hosting, SPG is your one-stop shopping in Website Design Kansas City a neat, cost-effective and efficient package.

Want to stand out from “the rest” of the competitors in your field? Whether you’re looking to build a website to sell products (e-commerce) or tell the world about your company or cause (informational), our experienced team is here to help. We pride ourselves in quality products with quick turnaround times. How do we do it? We have a wide array of internet marketing tools to assist with your company’s online presence and brand recognition, including implementing keywords garnered toward your industry, and Social Engine Optimization (SEO). The experts at for a free consultation about your logo design, branding, social media presence and internet marketing. Soda Pop Graphics offers a variety of price plans and solutions for every business.

Digital Marketing

By utilizing digital marketing initiatives, your business or organization can meet your target audience where they are. Additionally, it leaves the internet door open to ongoing engagement even after every engagement or purchase, which assists marketing teams more effectively develop and foster brand loyalty and improve customer retention. A few of SPG’s digital marketing initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing.
Social Media Marketing

Many of us have handles on social media. We may even get a few likes here and there (everyone loves a good puppy pic, right?!). BUT how many people actually have the chops to sustain an audience? Or better yet – grow an audience of followers (not fake accounts) who will actually help your business grow and flourish? Social media marketing can be tricky for anyone – but especially for businesses trying to grow their audience and get their brand noticed. Whether your business is new … or has been around for a while, tailoring content to reach your target audience can quickly become a matter of success or failure.

SPG can help! Our experienced social media marketing experts offer support to business owners who need help creating and/or managing their brand’s social media platforms. We can easily and quickly create online profiles on a variety of social media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest). We will use analytics to determine which platform will produce the best results according to your industry, among other factors. Contact Soda Pop Graphics today to discuss what type of social media marketing plan is best for your success.

Email Marketing

While snail mail is a dying breed, email marketing is a very powerful marketing tool. Using your contact list (including all of your social media followers) to parley into a direct channel of communication between your business, current and potential customers is marketing gold. Our graphic designers and content specialists create beautiful and effective email creatives geared to promote specific call to actions that can equal sales conversions.

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