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How to build Marketing Automation Strategy to generate conversion?

Marketing automation is the practice of leveraging technology to create customer touchpoints for your product or service. It’s about automating marketing tasks, communications, and transactions.

In addition, it is more than just email marketing, which includes all forms of online marketing like social media, video, web analytics, and search engine optimization.

Without a successful marketing automation strategy in place, it’s easy to get lost in managing what can be an overwhelming amount of data entry and publishing on the internet. Here are some tips on how to set up a successful marketing automation strategy for generating conversions.

5 Techniques for Building a Marketing Automation Strategy

1) Follow a Data-Driven Marketing Approach

If your goal is to connect with the right user using the right message, and the right timing, please follow a data-driven marketing approach.

Collect as much info as possible about users. After that, you have to source user attributes for user segmentation later.

Undoubtedly, you can gain a higher engagement rate for the active ad campaign with highly targeted communication.

Apart from that, you have to maintain the proper flow of data from the current data system and recommendation engines to the marketing automation platform. You can prefer SaaS technology for both on-premise and in-house solutions.

2) Identification of the Buying Journey and Creating Workflows

You have to put a lot of effort into the 7-stage-buying journey of the customer because of the multiple touchpoints. Come up with marketing automation rules for every touchpoint along with not forgetting the exceptions, but why are we saying this?

Sometimes, customers will only visit the product page, add the product but avoid purchasing it. This means you have to do something to get them converted.

Start by targeting them at every touchpoint for which you may have to adopt a multi-channel strategy. When a user adds a product to the cart and avoids transacting, you can send them reminders every 2 hours and approach with further offers and discounts.

3) Audience Microsegmentation for Targeted Communication

No matter your product’s quality, potential, and appearance, not all your users will be attracted to it.

Instead of targeting everyone, you have to micro-segment your audience into small groups. This strategy will help you collect more information about your audience and improve your retention rate.

Some of the most common methods of segmenting them are as follows:

  • Demographic information
  • Geographical information
  • Past buying behavior
  • Engagement level

Doesn’t it sound like a complex process? Well, it is! But, marketing automation can ease this segmentation process in real-time.

4) Count Each Channel

You never know if your emails, SMS, and push notifications are bothering your customers. It’s better to target your users smartly using different channels but not use them all at once.

If they are reachable by email, it’s best to go for it. However, there is an exceptional case when you have to market a big event or campaign. In that case, it’s okay for using multiple channels such as social media, SMS, email, etc. There are many marketing automation tools to help you with this.

5) Personalizing User Experience

For the personalization of user experience, you have to keep the content unique for all and relevant to form a connection. Learn to resonate with the customer’s emotions in your content part for delivering the best experience.

You can even design communication rules for enabling marketing automation platforms to handle the rest of the things. It can not only gather information but also use it in communication to keep every conversation different.

Wrapping Up

Marketing automation has captured a big market segment. It has become essential for businesses to adopt it completely for growth and upgrading their marketing strategy. Even they can build now a perfect marketing automation strategy keeping the above points in their mind.

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